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Four hundred improve hey everybody to the incomparable i'm your host jason snell as always and we're going to talk about a tv show tis the season where we talk occasionally about just concluded tv series that are worth talking about and this time we're gonna talk about a show called counterpart which is available in the us on stars it is available in many parts of the world on various channels i think it's a lot of europe on hbo it's not in the uk yet we don't know why hopefully it will come there soon it's it's great i love it there's spoiler alert i really love it and so i wanted to talk about it with my friends on a podcast and that's what you're listening to right now that's that's how that story ends up i just jumped to the end in the end you liked it so much to the podcast about it let me tell you about my dear friends who are here with me now to talk about counterpart john syracuse says here hello which one are you i'm i i'm not going to reveal whether i'm wearing the brown suit or the black suit i'll just let you imagine that dan moore and also here hello hello only one person goes through the podcast at a time it's the rules that's how it works so the internet works moisture janas here hello the schnapps on all side oh yes oh the german there's so much german in this show and air can sign is here from across the border crossing in canada hello i've done the border crossing luckily i didn't have to go alone so let me explain.

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