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What's up? What's your excitement level like, What's the ceiling for this kid? I'm excited to see what he could be in a year or two when he matures when his body matures a little bit, too, because you gotta understand he's not afraid to go and in the physical battle, he goes in there. He's just not like a man yet is not. He doesn't have that man strength yet, and I think you'll get it. But if speed is explosiveness Is great. Don Granado talked about the first couple of strides with Dylan cousins like he's just getting create that separation right away. But what's even more impressive in my opinion is that he carries that that straight speed. Throughout the whole length of the ice. If he gets the park in the defensive zone, he gets explosive this right away with the park but through the neutral zone and even entering the office of zone and cutting to the net with the puck He keeps going. She's getting faster, faster and faster as he gets through the neutral zone, the office's own and and that to me is something that a lot of players don't have. They have the 1st 34 strides. They get quick. But then day plateau really quickly. You watch my David play make David is one of those players that is able to carry speed and even more speed. The longer he has the park the longer he skates I I think Dylan cousins is is like that. Not Make David speed but really, really, I am speed on the ice soul. That's that's what is exciting for me is because McKinnon make David those type of players have the long range speed and Dylan cousins have that In in the discussion of young guys that are playing well right now, Cousins is not alone. Of course, we would also add Casey middle stand. Now he's gonna be on this later this morning at nine o'clock, and what he's done in recent weeks has really been eye opening. It is, I mean, he's looked completely different. He looks like like a much more confident. Um, player in a number of different ways. Why what's happened with Casey middle step that has allowed him to play at the level he's been at the last few weeks. I think when big differences Now we're focusing on the strength of Casey Mills that night. He's focusing on his own strength, as opposed to looking at the weaknesses and and himself as a player stand while I'm not the fastest, so I'm not the biggest, so I'm not great in the face of God and well, you know what? Put that aside. Focus on this on your strength. What are you good at? Well, I'm pretty quick when? When Casey Mills that gets going as first three or four strides is really quick. Well, instead of trying to the park on your stick For 20 strides of the ice. Have it for 45 Streisand and move it right, because that's when your strength is your really quick on the first four or five strides you can. You can separate yourself from your back, check her in that way and then moved the puck. And he's doing that is moving the puck a lot quicker. But I really feel that you know, with Casey Miller's dad with Don Coronado with a lot of the sabers. Now they're really focusing on their strength. And not really looking at their weaknesses. And then what? We have to figure that you're never gonna fix Casey medals that speed from from goal line to go line. It's never gonna happen. But you know what? You can build a really good hockey player from their strength and what has made them. You know, 1st 1st round picks and and stand out in college and and other level and continue to build on their strength. So I really like When Casey gets the pocket watch, he gets really quick and three strides. And then he moves the park or Denny uses. Other skills set like his hand is vision eyes. Hockey. I Q to be able to create something. He's not just trying to. To become somebody's not, and that's no. That's a sign of maturity, and that's a sign of good coaching as well. The other guy I want to ask you about before I let you go is Sam Reinhart. Now He's at center They've had, you know, injuries, trade, whatever the has thinned the ranks, and he's looked effective its center. We have don Granado on the show on Tuesday, Marty and and he said, there's no reason to put him back on wing. That's just leave MIT Center. What do you think about that? I think there's no reason to put it back on wing because of the need right now of the sabers. But in their normal season if you have Michael healthy cousins lt Mills that's lt. I don't think there's There's room for some right art center, and unless you decided to place them, right art, maybe a little lower in the lineup. Maybe as a third line center. Give him or the tough matchup you say Okay, you're gonna play against You know the Patrice Bergeron line, You're going to play against the Crosby line. Maybe that that's what you would do to try to free up Eichel and maybe cousins s O. But I think that's for next season, a decision to be made over the summer over next season. Right now. You keeping them at center because you haven't needed center and there's there's no need to say OK, we're going to play Riley Sheahan at center over Sam Reinhart or or Cody Eakin, that center over Sam Reinhart. You have right art. You have cousins. You have middle stature. Those are your top three center and you're going with it, And it's working. So I don't see it. I need to change that right now. But you may have to make a decision over the summer as to who? Your center and your top three are going to be Hey, just so you know, no f one this weekend, So you know. Yeah, I know you gotta You gotta work Sunday night, but you got to find something else to keep you busy this weekend. What a race Sunday morning, right? I mean, it was amazing in the rain, the whole, you know, wet tires and the media tires. Um Lewis Hamilton making Jeremy I'm sure you heard this and you'll laugh because Brian deaf and I talked about it. In this post race conference, he says. I made a mistake haven't made a mistake in a long time. Like how much. How about the confidence of Louis Angleton to say he has not made a mistake in a long time in a Formula One race like that is It is pretty cocky, but at the same time, very confident and very active, too. It was awesome. It was awesome. It was great. Marty. Watching That mistake meant that the race got a lot more exciting If you watched him basically climb the field and one of the things Lewis Hamilton did. I saw he basically sent messages to almost every other driver view driver via social media. Like Lando, Nora said. Like Good to see you up on the podium. You did a great job like this. I think he's excited for a season that's going to have you know a lot of competition. It's It's definitely a better season last year already And even though like Hamilton finished 2nd and 1st happened, one they were used to seeing Hamilton from the front and just cruising through a victory and what we saw him coming back and overtaking driver after driver after driver and Lando North, says. Is through fast for me. I can't. I can't keep up. He's too fast for me like that's beneficial to Lewis Hamilton. I think in the way that he's gonna, you know, be maybe the best driver ever to race in the F one because Now he gets to show a different side of what he can do. All right, Mr Bron. Thank you. As always, for hockey talk, sir. Always nice having you on the show. Enjoy your weekend, and we'll catch up with you next week. Thanks for reminding me that there's no Formula one this weekend and that I'm working on Sunday. Yeah, I mean, you always bring the good news, right? We're here for a strong, make sure you had your big pen ready to go. I have my big pen ready to go. I have tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday three and four. I'm gonna be tired after that. They make sure yes, stuff how the Astros were doing this season. He'll love that conversation. I don't even want to bring up baseball with Mr Duffy's.

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