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And they cussed cannabis before the market before it was manufacturing, edible goods and stuff. And they found a lot of these growers who had all these years planning. They've been growing cannabis organically hadn't been using very risky. Hip pesticides control fungus to control insect infestations, which happens when you grow culture of any sort giant Buffa right along the species. And so they use a lot of these industrial strength. Now, unlike vegetables fruits, which some of these chemicals are we do not wash Canada for smoking. They spoke directly so people have been ingesting this stuff directly into their. And I don't think people want decides in there. And so that gives people incentive to go to state pot shops in Canada rather than rely the black Mark even though they try to undersell state stores in the short. This been study about how many people consume are one of those been tainted with all these chemicals and pesticides in this country. It's been going on for decades wanna think about it. When you have outdoor indoor grows are underground. You know, it's just too easy for these hours to reach for the industrial strikes chemicals rather than organic needs needs slower, sometimes more labor intensive but you can grow the stuff without using these chemicals. So going one of the things I was reading this morning about the legalization in Canada is the Canadian medical association. Others really seem to oppose this saying hasn't gone far enough to protect citizens in Canada from the. Consequence was Asian. Debate on what that means. I heard that debate. I didn't hear an why they legalize it earlier. I've heard about that. What do we know about that? You know, south rogue never had a problem dating cannabis Canada must get don't even before ending prohibition. So they have been using it. Smokes..

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