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To learn more restrictions apply in today's entertainment news. Some very sad news out of hollywood iconic and legendary actress. Cecily tyson has passed away. She was ninety six years old. Her manager larry thompson released a statement. Yesterday saying mrs. Cecily tyson has made her peaceful transition. Please allow the family their privacy as we all know. Mississippi tyson had roles in theatre film and television including the autobiography of miss jane. Pittman a woman called moses. The king l. K. story sounder and so the list goes on and on miss tyson. Buried is yeah. She was married of course. Two miles davis from eighty one to one thousand nine hundred eighty eight throughout her career. She refused to play drug addicts prostitutes or any type of role that was demeaning to black women and she gained so much respect for that. Miss tyson was also one of the founding members of the dance theatre of harlem in two thousand sixteen president. Obama presented miss tyson with the presidential medal of freedom and freedom. The nation's highest civilian honor miss tyson passed away just days after her memoir was released. It's called just as. I am a memoir. Wow this alleged right. Oh yeah you know in in today of social media in an all you know we really we you know we really know how to pay Amish til til our courage stars you know people who are off socially relevant today as sometimes we missed the legacy of our treasures that made us who who we all are today you know. This woman was a trailblazer in every sense of the word. I mean if there was no cecily tyson. I don't know if you understand. You know oprah winfrey you you get no maya angelou you get. No you know beyond say you know this. This is really how relevant of a figure this woman was and and and black women in this industry know this about her and i. I hope that they do it right. e- even though is tough because there's a lot going on but i hope people don't miss how real contribution to us as a people because she was doing it at a time where being us was not popular cool or loud right and that's what when you could become a black star which she was a black star. Yes yes you better know. Your ass was doing some right So blessed arrest impeach. She was special on a whole 'nother level man just a whole 'nother level grace and style and dignity way. She carried herself now. Tyler in her later. You probably used a lot. And i was glad that used to buy all the davis. She played her mother and how to get away with murder on tv. Yeah man queen just a queen. Yeah we lost a great universal spirit of ood them. Oh my fave route one of my favorite movies of all times to yes sir yes Yeah our condolences and deepest sympathy going out to the tyson family. Rest in peace queen. All right steve We're going to move on now time for today's headline ladies and gentlemen miss a trip. Thank you very much everyone okay. President biden signed two more executive orders yesterday. This time dealing with obamacare undoing basically. What former president trump did to it so access to health insurance. The affordable care act is back on its expanded again giving people who may have lost their jobs in health care due to the pandemic a chance to sign up for coverage that they may need now more than ever new here other than restoring the affordable care act in restoring medicaid to the way it was before trump became president. President says that the executive orders are going to protect reproductive rights expand access to abortion and reexamined trump administration policies that actually undercut protections for people with preexisting conditions. The enrollment periods open from february fifteenth. That's when it opens and stays open for another three months. A federal grand jury has indicted three individuals associated with the far right group called the oath keepers. That's a militia that recruits our military and law enforcement on charges of organizing the dc insurrection. The indictments accused the extremists of coming with a plan and ready to revolt violence. Mile over thirty house. Members have sent a letter to house speaker. Nancy pelosi and house minority leader. Kevin mccarthy asking for more flexibility in using their congressional allowances. Why well say in light of recent events they say they need to surround themselves more security. They need to surround their families. More security speaker pelosi says the situation just shameful. Its appropriate that they use. Mri for their security. They should have to because that money. Is there for them to meet the needs of their constituents speaker says though in the meantime security measures have been ramped up there still being stepped up. And in the meantime a lieutenant general russel her on her ray is investigating the failures in capitol hill security. Okay so he's looking into and they're going to continue to adjust and readjust to make sure she says things are safe you know in the old folks say the death comes in twos and threes. But this is more like four's because we've now most recently lost hank. Aaron hank aaron larry king claris released men and now the legendary cecily tyson sisley tyson was born. In new york of caribbean parentage. Your parents were from nevis and in a career that spanned over seven decades tyson became best known for her roles as strong elderly black american women's cecily tyson recipient of three emmy awards a tony an honorary oscar among other things and she's most remembered for portrayal of miss jane. Pittman tic- taxis a slave name. Deluise sophie marguerite.

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