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Corrupt NewsRadio nine seventy WFL, a breezy and cool into the evening and overnight sunny and a little warmer tomorrow. Sixty five degrees now at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A Pasco county deputies believed they've made a big dent in the local sentinel epidemic. Sheriff's captain, Mike. Jenkins says three suspected drug traffickers have been indicted following an investigation into the local drug trade. Jenkins says he believes the bust will reduce the number of drug related deaths for now the law enforcement tends to see a spike in overdoses over the holidays near the holiday seasons. This is a great town of joy. Oy and comfort for many people is also a time of great sorrow for others. And so as a result of that during the holiday season that we generally see a temporary spike in overdose related deaths. Jenkins says detectives sees nearly a half a million dollars in cash several weapons and more than a kilogram of fennel Polk County sheriff Grady Judd has been vocal in his support for allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms now that the commission investigating the parkland school massacre has recommended the same thing Judd told Fox News that lawmakers need to make it happen. If a teacher's uncomfortable or doesn't want to have a gun. No one is making them. But what we're saying is we know teachers and administrators have run into a fight without any protection to save their students from someone shooting them. Florida lawmakers passed a law this year that lets certain staff members carry guns in schools, but only if the local school board agrees, then he have not including Paul county. And Judd says that's putting kids lives in danger last week the park. Clin commission voted thirteen to one to allow some teachers to carry a weapon on campus. A south Florida girl is fighting for her life after police say her father a coast guardsman shot everyone in his family neighbors, south west of Miami were left shocked at the sound of gunfire in. They're quiet suburban street. I heard like pow pow pow pow only to see one of their own families taken by the father who they often saw in his coast guard uniform police say forty four year old John press NAR started shooting after arguing with his wife and that after shooting her and their two kids turned the gun on himself. Died was really nice mom.

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