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Five lines. All you need is approved credit in an eighteen month lease no trade in required. Visit sprint stores sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one fifty dollars a month after sixteen twenty one credit applied within two bills rain balanced. Your six thirty twenty eight thirty two. During conditions. Restrictions apply. It's time for some straight talk our alternate unlimited plan just got awesome. Now, two lines cost just ninety bucks. Save up to forty five percent on America's best four. G. L P networks, straight talk wireless savings may vary. See straighttalk dot com. Then twenty twenty sports times eight three another player is on the move ahead of tomorrow night's NBA draft the grizzlies del veteran. Mike Conley to the jazz today for Jae Crowder. Kyle Korver Grayson Allen, and a couple of first round picks at trade opens the door for Memphis to take Murray state card John Mirant with its number two overall pick. This report is brought to you by the raycatena auto group test drive in Audi five, Quattro SUV. Now with exclusive offers at Audi freehold joined Brooklyn nets radio voice, Chris Carino in his personal fight against FM HD muscular dystrophy. The ninth annual Chris Carino foundation. Gala takes place on Thursday, July. Eighteenth Rousseau's on the bay in Howard beach for tickets, please go to Chris Carino foundation dot org. Check in a fan weather for tonight, cloudy rain, likely lows in the mid sixties tomorrow, cloudy with more showers highs in the upper seventies and tomorrow night, even more rain lows in the upper sixties current central park. Temperature seventy degrees under cloudy skies. And that's what's happening. I'm Erica herskowitz with sports lashes, every twenty minutes on sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio. Sixty six your flagship station for New York sports..

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