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So they can get their prime physical activity in that race. How good do you think manor house can be? Well, I can tell you this. He's pretty much as good as most of the horses that have been really good that I had in my hands on. I think he's very talented. How long does it take you to know that when you start working with a horse? Honestly, it's funny. This was the first time I saw him and I looked at him in the stall. I just had a feeling. He just, he has a presence. And he has a class about him. And you really get a feeling. And that was, before I ever even watched and trained on the track. And then as I watched him train on the track, every little thing you asked him to do, he would do and he would do better. So he was kind of like that. That student in school that's working to go to Yale that doesn't do just enough, but goes above and beyond each and every time without being overcooked or overpressured, just does it very easily. Pretty cool stuff talking to Michelle Hemingway here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton, you heard us talk about manor house who became her first horse that she ever settled here in the United States and it became her first winter shortly after that. When you were walking over with manor house, Michelle and you walked into the paddock, tell me about that moment. What was that like leading him over? I'll be honest with you. I think the thing that was the most disappointing is that Gulfstream park, people make fun of me for this. They give like best turned out awards. So I worked really hard. I wanted him to look beautiful. I had the black bridle on the black and blue brow band. I braided his main myself. I made him look all pretty. And I was like, okay, I want to share my lynch and I'm like, no, you better look at my horse, because he looks good. And I think I was just trying to think about how he looked in the paddock and how he was acting. And, you know, I was hoping that she was going to notice that. So it was funny, you know, I'm a girl, so we think about those things. Yeah, I mean, well, you got to look the part, right? Right. You know, I'm curious to get your thoughts on this. How much different is it leading a horse over that you've worked with for so long and you're the trainer of record. It's going to be your first starter here in the states, as opposed to leading a horse over that is trained by somebody else. You're the assistant trainer or whatever the case might be. But now that you're the one in charge and you've had a hand in getting this horse to the races, how much different was that for you making that walk? To be honest with you, when I was an assistant, I always sort of considered them to be my horses. So I felt the same amount of pressure. If that makes any sense. I think the thing was, it was all the eyes that were on me and all the questions that I was getting, oh, wow, why now? How did you get here? What is it about this horse? You know, as opposed to it wasn't really a thought process of the horse being any different or the result being any different. It was more of the questions that were coming from people of like, why did you decide to do it with this horse? Where did this come from, you know? Yeah, so why did you decide to do it with this horse? You know, I think mostly because Nick luso offered me the opportunity. If it wasn't for the opportunity that Nick offered me and bringing me to be part of thorough stock and this great organization, I think I probably just would have been okay. You know, posting along and being an assistant or doing this or doing that, but, you know, Nick is really supportive of me and my career and we enjoy looking at horses together. I think we have a really huge respect for one another about the way we handle horses and the way we look at horses and when I told them, I said, you know, not for nothing. I do have my trainer's license, and he made the decision to support me and get me started. Tell me more about thorough stock in the facilities and the work that you guys do there. So.

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