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Unusual or surprising for a division like edn wide to share information with the special council that that might happen on a regular basis in cases like this but no in answer to your question i have not heard that it is interesting know how you see a mix of interests and business backgrounds here i mean there were very understandable meetings at the white house on infrastructure policy during much of last year until the charlottesville situation where a lot of these panels disbanded and reasonable to bring in private industry and have discussions about how to rebuild the infrastructure and how to have a publicprivate solution because after all the budget set aside for this is not large at that said it seems that there were relationships that grew out of some of those discussions that led to the kinds of situations that were reporting on in typical white house of the people having those meetings are not in need of hundreds of millions of dollars in loans right it's no precisely precisely so is so then it becomes very interesting the multiple layers here right the brainstorming on infrastructure which makes sense but at the same during the same year were you have tax cuts that could benefit that person or those people in that industry infrastructure programs that they could take part in a possible job that somebody who's interested in government might be able to get as some sort of outgrowth of that relationship so there are many layers and many sort of twoway potential benefits involved special brochures did of reading kid killy's reporting now tonight in their office or at home thank you very much.

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