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Westbound we're still working with a mobile crew right around Montgomery drive that's. Blocking the two left lanes. So a little slow go from right around spring garden out to that area you're slow from university. To the vibe before you even get there as well delays from, Belmont out to about Gladwin and then clear sailing out into those western suburbs eastbound folks you'll tap the breaks from Gladwin down to about city avenue and then jams up for you as, you approach Montgomery drive down through Girard avenue buying. Street expressway looks pretty good at this hour but if you're traveling on ninety five lookout for, some roadwork there as well southbound we still have a mobile crew. In the right lane of right near four thirteen up in bucks county just past the vine street. Expressway there's a crew in the left lane and before you get there actually we just. Got the word that that is clear that vine street expressway work crew is out of there before you get there though you'll notice some delays from right around the tag down to about, the, Betsy Ross bridge I. Said what happened he goes Bad one was bad one Steve Taiwa. KYW NewsRadio KYW news time eleven oh seven is time for. The eyewitness weather five day forecast there are a lot of moving pieces in this forecast with a couple of different fronts. Trying, to cross through some sunshine, initially it's hot and, humid again the high intimate nineties and it could feel as hot as closer to one hundred. At the height of the day just watch for these scattered showers and storms to be locally drenching and those will primarily take place again this afternoon. And evening through the overnight hours we dropped to a mere seventy seven muggy night coming up tomorrow, back to scattered showers and thunderstorms but there will be some sun to work with as well too high ninety two and will even out at ninety on Thursday with the sun returning just. A straight leftover thunderstorm, that morning for the most part. It looks like a nice day just still. Hot again up to ninety degrees we're, still flirting with ninety on, Friday some sun returning, yet again later in the day just watch for a few showers to develop and there could be some. Scattered thunderstorms to start the weekend but I think you'll see some sun on Saturday up to eighty. Seven degrees with, your weather? Forecast I'm CBS. Three meteorologist Katie Fehlinger on KYW NewsRadio right..

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