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And the majority of targets went to the tight end to avoid the pass rush and to avoid running the ball. So Devin funchess disappointment DJ more disappointment. Paul blowout Samuel. And then don't buy into. Devante Parker Kenney. Still earned went the way of the one for eight which was crazy. Hopefully, people are paying attention on Sunday. This is why we have the Sunday live stream. So you can get all the breaking news because this happened was was reported out by Adam Schefter, and then and then he warmed up and apparently that was good enough and he played and devante Parker saw a downturn. Because of it got to avoid all the targets for Sam darnold at this point Quincy. Meanwhile, Robbie Anderson and Jemaine Kerr's combined for what three for forty four for thirty two three for twenty on nineteen total targets by next week. You can dump them all Tyler Lockett three for twenty two is the force rate week where lock it only has four targets or fewer. Look, he's touched on her bus guy. One hundred percent. He does score. But I was going to say when he got any well on search for the touchdown. In fact in this game. He really almost had the touchdown, but the pass interference call and really the pass interference took it away. He's a fringe guy though. I mean on the more this week. He was barely on the wide receiver to edge. So Ed Dickson Jason speak to Dixon for as long as you read. Did nothing to see here. Let's talk about Jared cook. Yeah, he stunk. Karl Rudolf did his thing to for twenty eight loves it. He loves to for twenty five Vanja McDonald disappointing game recover a fake touchdown. Yeah. He did. He got a touchdown for like ten minutes. Yeah. And then they took it away. Jordan reed. Four for thirty four. Look that one is really Davis. Let's better than Jordan Reed into story. Yep. He just looks better. And then Austin Hooper three for forty one. He has returned to earth. He had a couple nice games. Those fun talking about him. I want to answer a couple of mailbag questions before we leave you guys up for sure. All right. Mailbag? Got a couple of questions for two night. Oh, no. I've changed my mind. Well, if.

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