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Morals most powerful drift car so sure with that fossil. They do it in the gtri. Almost four thousand miles. Doing it was making like thirty. Three hundred wheel horsepower. Out of those things it makes nose. And what i mean someone to direct to drag race at the extra for this for now. We're taking out there yet. But legitimately what would you do with a with a two thousand horsepower. Drift car that you couldn't do with a twelve hundred horsepower. Drift car like is that really not fast enough to do drift with more people faster. That's the only reason with more people so like the infinity for example right so based on that thing makes about six hundred and when you put four people in that thing a seizure over third gear you can feel. It's like it's sushi. Get third and fourth gear. Like good like sixty to eighty hour drifts. It starts to feel like a corolla again on your clutch kicking the crap out of and just weighs down and doesn't want to burn the tires so at thirteen. What it's at right now because when we built the car we Were shooting for grid life. Skip day and that was on a thursday. We finished a car. We fired it for the first time tuesday at midnight. We got it on the ground for the first time ever to successful to not have that thing nope that's right and we And it hit the ground on its own. you know. Tires and suspension for the first time wednesday at three o'clock three thirty really. We loaded on the trail and we get to the dining by four fifteen. We had one hour to tune it before the dino close So that we could go to track so basically just put our fd tune on it and just cleaned it up for the car and got it all driving. Go ronald work and everything else. So one hour drivable. Make him full. Power made like over a thousand to the ground and we went straight to the track and so on. Ethanol eighty five Now it's on c. Sixteen right now. Oh yeah mild for race for race guess tune. I mean not to let on your parade. But i don't know so running race gas at one. Thousand horsepower is like pretty standard your shit that all day. Oh yeah and so. That was one less variable trying to figure the car. I was like okay. This is the same basic package that are. Fda car has got three pedals sequential. Imagine okay yeah quench it's got you know the full three pedal action like you still use the clutch on the shifts when you're drifting it's just a little happier that way. So the power train. Is your competition car with a long driveshaft. Basically yes essentially. It's the same Same differential the winters. Quick change sixty sequential. It's got our same clutch. Setup are same driveshaft shop Carbon driveshafts axles and everything else and so all those very similar to the urban axles No carbon drive show carbon drive but But yeah so we just it to the f. d. cartoon on garrett g thirty seven seventy and so to make the two thousand horsepower gonna stop g thirty five ten fifty on their put the boost to like thirty five thirty eight maybe forty. I don't know what the number will be and then we can top out. That motor motor will be able to do two thousand so when you're running. Okay yeah you can just fine like you know. We're a horse thief. We're doing like maybe eighty on the bottom by the water tower and it's blowing the tires off just fine but like And that's with four people in it but if we wanted to do anything or something like that yeah like to have a good grip like grip and speed have to loosen up for it to burn tires like that so to run that car with two ninety five. Gt radios actually like hooking up and put me in the seat. You need big power. That's fucking wild. I mean you're right. The math makes sense absolutely. But fuck me thousand horsepower. Yeah that's wild i mean. That's that's that's gotta be a ride in the back seat. Fda card right there averaging thirteen fourteen hundred horsepower. Somewhere around there. Everyone's over thousand wheel and so So now taking fda car and put you know six hundred pound of dude in it and watch that thing like load up so we're basically just trying to get over that bell curve. Yeah yeah. I mean the smoke him out of the tires and that thing. Oh it's it was like a magician trying to escape down you're watching and all sudden it was just like you go to the corner and then just and it was so thick so quick and so instant shred tread. The whole the whole waves insane. Yeah and it's funny. You can see the marks that puts down versus because there is other guys are much thicker and darker. Because it's just loading it up that much harder the Does the fact that when know demayo cars that make two thousand dollars power if you're talking about that kind of power typically talking about runway car right yeah. Yeah because they don't hook up to their over one hundred right. It doesn't even matter what you do. In first and second gear. That's all fourth fifth year. Crazy town guy but you're running these rpm's at typically much lower speeds sometimes right behind another car that's blowing who the fuck knows. So how do you keep a turbo engine alive under those kind of conditions being that. Are you spying like something. On the former drift cars we use any lag and nitrous nitrous like really builds a lot of heat On this car we had any like going and there's no nitrous and But we were running on and off most of the day because if you just work the clutch just right like it's a motorcycle like it just keeps turbos. Lit up uh-huh. Yeah that's a fucking sal is actually a little bit smoother if you are just using the clutch. The any lag is like where the car gets a little jolted when you see the video or it's like really snapping around because when you go to get back on the power it has boost built up already so it just snaps out when you start to breathe on the pedal because it feel more like. v8 Yeah we're instant torquay. Yeah just flip it on and flip it off push-button and that's really cool really cool all the pops and claxton you know You know those the extra fireballs and it's more of a show for sure. What's the difference between like a pro grade car of five or six years ago a car. today it's completely different Which is why. I really wanted to build a new four seater because like the infiniti was like yeah. That's a ten year old technology right. And so i was like i want to build something bigger and better. And so you on the pro level All the cars are consistently making four digits And the reliability is just there because of the.

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