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Is each has gone rollout. Okay. And what do you hope people take away from watching the soccer? I just hope they. They pass along the knowledge that they're learning from this credible genius and like Howard New Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's work turn of the century I. Hope. Hundred Years from now people are talking about Howard Ashman and Alan Making and remembering their work in Sangre. I agree I. Think they. Will I think they will. They will do as I say we went in Fans and came out next level. He's a I. Feel I feel like I do so much more about the man is a whole and I thought he was brilliant. But my God, it's it's It's truly mind-blowing. About this in the interviews but. It was very difficult for Allen Howard to convince Disney to do little mermaid because innovation was dead they. Money they didn't were worried about. Howard put his own money into the movies well. They if they does that look at the last thirty years. Is In critical films that may not have happened they don't we. Both of them my dad always talks about that. That when Little Mermaid came out there was no merch. Yes and you know ingested West Jesse. Three and a half four years old and all she wanted was little mermaid number made every. Hardly anything on the market. Faded the enormous success, right? So. True. Now I mean it's crazy. Yeah, we're constantly doing things citing things for Disney merchandise A new generation, every six or seven years this. Your fans you know every six seven years it's fun. It's largely because if you earned all. Leonard Sweet, and you're very kind to give us some time today. We very much appreciate all I very much. Appreciate getting to meet you too until you how much I loved your work on the year over the years Jesse.

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