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Nick, foles conversation greatest sporting event you've ever been to Sixers go down to the kings in what I said was kind of an obvious sandwich. Spot you're off of big win against the warriors. You're thinking about maybe Tuesday with the raptors come into town in a better health spot than they were the last time. Sixers ended up plant them. So certainly a lot on the table. Can do Phillies free agency? If you like it's not really a whole lot new to report. This thing is going to drag out it would seem for a few more weeks. You would think that McClintock in the Phillies probably. Going to play this as well as they possibly can play Harper and Machado against one another. Try and get somebody to to blink. If you will. And that's basically what each campus waiting for. Somebody somebody's going to set the market for the other. You know in the infinite money grab with see how many more. Tens of tens of millions of dollars. We can squeeze out of somebody. Oh, my kingdom. My kingdom to be in that predicament, folks. Steve Tampa ninety four WIP. Hi, steve. Good morning. How you doing? I'm good, buddy. How are you? Excellent. What the Super Bowl what is the over under, you know. What is it fifty six? I believe. I'm I'm I'm looking at it right now. Hold on. I where I'm looking at it, depending on where you get it. It's a fifty six and a half where I'm looking at it. I wonder. Twenty points each to. Well. We'll be here. It's going to be a whole bunch of scoring this game. Do you kind of kind of Allah Allah last year? Well, yeah. First of all to each has a pretty good feel. Yeah. Although although there line is in isn't completely healthy for the rise. You'd be healthy for the supervisor. Yeah. No. I mean, he's he's he's been kicking it practice. It is ready to go. So are you know, but I'm saying, you know, just something to think about also why you're looking let's see over under or plays are reviewed. Is your props for that? Let's see here. Let's see. This would be under game props. Patriots score last patriots longest TD passing TD any other TD. It's so ridiculous. Like listen to look at some of this stuff who throws the first challenge. Whether it's the whether it's McVeigh or Bella check my God. This is like a degenerates dream. New England score hers score last of the first half. How my God there's so many prop pets. Looking down here. I'm I'll I'll eventually be able to find it Steve. But let's. Let's kind of move on to to what your other points are. And then if if by the time, you know, the end of your poets roll around if I found it, I'll let you know. The other was what happened two weeks ago with worries do you think? That one way or the other house who will bring up the fact that, hey. Ruler should've been here set of LA. What's the vets? That's interesting. I would think you you almost you almost have to mention it. You can't mention it. I don't know that you mentioned it like that. And I almost wonder based on the way that Goodell handled this situation if there isn't a little bit of coaching of the broadcast crew from the league saying, hey, you know, what like I know that that you're probably going to talk about it. But could you back off maybe a little bit? You really seek yellow pills quote gestures. You'd you'd be surprised you'd be surprised Steve view, if you have a contract with somebody, or if you have a rights deal, sometimes the kinds of emails, and the kinds of suggestions that you end up getting folks, that's that's really that's all I'll say having, you know, having been in spots on a much smaller scale where somebody says, hey, I want you to I would like for you to mention this. If you could. Or don't mention this or stay away from this. Or you'd be surprised. That's all I really what you say. But I know you don't want to go any further than that. Now. As far as Phillies are concerned. Assuming. They don't get one of the top two free agents. What you know, some people? I said well waiting for trout in two years. You're never know. What's gonna be elected two years? You know, what his health is going to be like, I scored I think you'll be okay? Yeah. I do. He's going to be he'll be he'll be twenty nine in two years. I would I would bet. I would bet a good portion of my mortgage on now on Mike trout being okay. Two years. Well, like I said before it's affiliates. Don't get one of the top two acres. Who do they go after this year? And what is the world is going to look like. Yeah. I mean, I I don't think you necessarily even have to worry about it. Stephen. I appreciate the phone call. They're going to get much. I think at this point they're deep enough into it. I can't see them not getting one or the other. They're they're going to get one. It feels like it. I mean who else who else could they get? Top five remaining free agents who aren't the two of them. Dallas kaikal is obviously out there. Craig kimbrel is out there. Mike mushtaq? Mean, I don't think there's. They're.

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