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Is pretty cool. So what did you think of. y'alls van everyone walks in and goes. Oh boy what's going to be. Then they go. Oh you guys are really good. We're good they just WANNA rent that once once they realize we're not into big show of it like our names raging idiots and when we do comedy which we we mostly do it just to stars doing comedy and music are full band or studio musicians and so they're all a bit shocked they're like Oh interesting was like. Oh Oh we're good and he goes. Well you know what I may do a thing and I mean then I'm like hey if there's one thing that's good vamping because they never know what I'm going to do and he's like all right. We did my Maria which was so fun because we do The background vocals for one. Second so you know the background. But I'll do the part you do the Vega mammary Marie Ma Ma re So we do also and then boost coon buggy. He like He. He opens it on Guitar. And he's like I don't know I may start fast may start slow. And he's like it's and then we all commend because he does all the vocals until it's like like here we go doe see doe. Come home but it's fun fun. It's going to be awesome tonight excited about. I mean I know there's other surprises. Probably Yeah and I'm sure that they'll be just as amazing but it's crazy to me that y'all are flying with Brooks and that'll be the biggest part of the show and we put in the middle of the show because we we never know how long the show is going to be and they were like hey coins go last. Because it's going to be late gotta go to bed and I was like Sherbro. You play another song sure. So that's the deal that'd be that'd be fun. We come and and grumpy tomorrow. Don't blame US blame charity. That's right for the kids. I was at this place called true food here in Nashville. They have them all over the country like called true food kitchens so yeah like pretty healthy kind of place get healthy options and because people ask me a lot hayward's the the country stars hang out. What's the cool places? And so I'm in there and I'm eating lunch with somebody that I work with and see Sam Hunt Walk in the door introduce you. And so in Sam's huge he's six three six four wide ripped t-shirt Sam just chilling waiting food. He ordered it to go and he's just sitting there waiting and they bring it up is like cool. Thank you just gets them walk. Nobody mess with them not bothered them. And then after that became George walks in and he actually he actually walks into where I am and he stops tables. What goes down nobody talks? Nobody bothers them. I mean people always wonder where Nashville to go the grocery store the whole foods near also the turnip truck one and then and not true food. I was there and then I saw like two artists managers. That's the place to go. Wow and if you come to town you never like Saturdays and Sundays days or maybe Fridays. Saturdays are not going to see him there on the road. So people will come to town on weekends Glenn Country Stars. It's like Mon- Sundays through Thursdays is when most are here. So but I'm sitting in there and like it was like Reese Witherspoon. When I was at dinner she comes down right beside table? I was at right in the middle. The restaurant no Ms. Whether it's a great town for that. Because I would like to mess Salaam says no one else. Does I just let them be. I let the stars do their things. They're eating but But not until the food goes in their mouth. Oh the role whereas if you see someone famous if they don't have kids with them and they're not eating like physically eating bird food in front of them don't bought don't ever bother anyone famous or not foods in front of them so there's food in front of them or their with their families. Don't bother them otherwise tell them you're a fan. There's a new bobby cast with Shea. We did. It's up now Shay Mooney from Dan Shea and we were talking talking about this is the same thing. He's like. Mave love to talk to people that listen to our music. Unless he's a kid or not in that order. Maybe even for me like so That that Bobby Bobby cast and we did our and twenty five minutes Shane. Different J just it just went up late last night well the main strain of flu. That's circulating doesn't exactly match the flu shots. What if this year and they always guess guess they never go? This is the one that they try to guess which one is going to kind of take the lead and circulate the most and the fastest They still say the strain. Have you got off Lucia. We'll still offer some protection but the big one is that really the big one that they've dialed into the flu shot. So it's a bummer. If you've ever had the real flu like the flu we flew because I've had the flu. Yeah but the one that that like puts people in hospital either. Knock on whatever fake would this is not not even real wood. But I haven't either I would like to think it's because I get the flu shot but yeah I get it every week so I get a different strain every week. Then you should have been covered facebook posts this facebook post tips Louisiana couple off to a two million dollar powerball win. How how did it tip them off to were? Sometimes you see a news story and it makes you Kinda look down and oh well this could have happened around me or this. Could Happen to me. Louisiana couple so they had no idea they had one or two million dollar powerball until they see a face and those as an unclaimed prize post again they just see that in their feet. Tammy and James Miller the told Louisiana lottery officials. They bought the ticket. They didn't think about until weeks and weeks later they saw on facebook that someone wanted two million dollars and they went and found that ticket look it and they won they won. They still had it on my personal facebook. I've been eliminated from personal facebook. I post about once every three months on my bobby private facebook which I had when I was twenty eight you know and I stopped posing facebook but I've now been because you would just meet beat somebody back in the day an atom on facebook really know them and so but I've been slowly wiping people away on my personal facebook. Yeah I would like to delete it in an effort to go like anti facebook. But I'm not deleting instagram and it's also owned by facebook now so much so that when you open instagram it goes ah facebook company on the bottom of it so I'm only so much standing up to the man. I'm not even GONNA leave facebook but I'm taking like eliminating cleaning house a a little bit because I only post how. How are you determining who you get rid of is like if you look at it and you legit or like who is if if I how do I know them right they go away so anything is really on the bobby bones? Show facebook page. The the the our show page you guys watch the show up on that page. But I'm just. I'm not on facebook that much anyway. I don't message on facebook much. Do you guys no not really. Oh Gosh I haven't posted on facebook and five years that long special moments though I've seen years like real big moments of your life that you put like three or four times a year almost something mostly nudes. uh-huh yeah man. That's new people are now searching Google maps street view to look for pictures of their loved ones who passed away. Oh that's a new thing to go search. I know in that crazy to go. Search Your House or their house. Oh man don't you just have the pictures in your phone somewhere once on Google Street view at a house when I was living in Austin if you look from my house my ex girlfriend's car was in the front of it and it was always a weird thing. Yeah because I remember once I was looking at it with a girlfriend in Austin and my ex girlfriend's car which is always part different amount but you can find a lot of stuff on the Google Street view. It's time for the good news. There was this nine year old girl in Arizona. Name's Valerie. She was only born with one hand so in fourth grade. They're learning how to play the violin. Only problem issue. He has one hand hand so she can't do it. One of her classmates goes home and says dad. There's this girl in our class. She can't play the violin because she has one hand. Dad Gets on the Internet starts doing some research and builds or a prosthetic wow built on prosthetic out of thermoplastic. It gets flexible in very hot water than hardens into the shape. As is it cools while I'm looking at this. It is the hand that she uses the bow. Drink whatever that yeah yeah so the. The sword not accelerate the bow. Yeah yeah that's a great. It's a great story posted on on a facebook page. If you want to see it and that's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good.

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