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Pop warner pewee football for seven years and then high school football and it playing about eleven years of football and each time at the end of the practice the coach would yell taken me and that men gather round um in grab a knee they didn't once you have sitting down they wanted view yes are headphones our little hot as they as a say in the business so to me the coach would stay in their everyone would take a knee and then he would impart whatever wisdom that it meant sit down listen absorb some wisdom taken me yeah i'm gonna tell you about the game plan will tell you what you're doing wrong that's mine and that's good and what you're doing right and and everything else so for some reason i just decided might inspirational podcast recall take a knee which is the audience you take any and let let let norman lear and and any other luminary come and tell you you know all about their life that's great so kind of all of the above and hence a however it is all the above yes so how many podcasts at in total that you're doing i think i do about fifteen or seventeen over a week but i haven't potala them tallied them up completely put so for me i getting paid to talk sales gain it feels insane ebony and i led a life were every school teacher every family member and every friend just yelled shot uh no one cares just shut up this requires would you bring disrupt so from a scholastic standpoint it was a detriment it was his unruly he's disruptive he interrupts the class his his he has no focus so scholastically was kind of a it it it was a a burden and we did not help and then socially i grew up with a mom that didn't talk at dad that didn't talk a stepdad talk to each other now no nobody really nobody shared ideas nobody spoke and then my friends were lot of like really blue collar dudes from the valley who would much rather get into a fight than a conversation so and then i ended up doing construction with the same dudes and so.

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