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Do right because as we become successful failure starts to mean something so i if i started to produce a show and i was like hey i'm going to start telling jokes in the beginning of each show if those jokes aren't any good or even if they are people might not like that and then it means something that i did it and it didn't work out in theory it means something it could mean something but if you are starting a new show and you go hey every new show i start with one of my favorite jokes people might just be like that's how the show works it's fine but i have resistance even thinking about changing something like that in the show i don't worry i don't plan on starting each new show with jokes but i do change things in the show in me and jason often say all right we gotta listen to the audience let's see how this works and other times we change things into the show and we say all right we know the audience is gonna complain about this don't listen to anything they had to say we're going to test it for a few months and ignore the feedback so that's a really good point to that you you have to be willing to risk the failure even when it's no longer convenient right that's hard to do but his are if you look at any great company you usually find out that they have managed to institutionalize the willingness to fail in some way that most customers aren't even aware of one of the best examples as pixar so pixar makes these incredible movies and adults and children all over the world respond to these movies they've done insanely well right obviously we've seen finding nemo and write these incredible movies when most people don't realize is that pixar animators and producers and directors and the writers iterating through tens of thousands of different versions of those movies almost like software cheese and they do it knowing that most of the attempts that they're making to tell the story are going to be not so great that's going in they know that so they're like well run tell the story about a fish and we have like.

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