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It's not even nice hello. Welcome to the naughty but nice show. I'm your host rams shooter. Hey, a dear friend Elena Dixon is joining us today. Delay the love are you there? I am. I can not believe it's just a few days before Christmas. What did you get? Something very special. He's checking your mail. That's the trees are up, the presence or under the tree, my nephews, they're actually in Florida right now, just a few days before Christmas. I can't wait to spend it with my family. And I hope everyone out there is spending some quality time with their family, whether it's in real life or via Zoom. Well, said my friend. Hey, let's jump in the show. We've got so much guys. What time is it my Friends? It is. Tea time. Have a big breaking story at the top of the show. So Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis have responded to Chris nought's sexual assault allegations. The three stars of Sex and the City issued a joint statement saying the following quote, we are deeply saddened to hear the allegations against Chris nought, the statement is signed by Cynthia Nixon. Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Davis, they go on to say quote, we support the women who came forward and shared their painful experiences. We know it must be very difficult for them to do so and we commend them for it. Noticeably the XX and the city star can cattrall is not co signing onto this. Although, I guess she probably wouldn't because she's not part of this anymore. It's sort of the least they could do. It's taken them a little while to actually say anything. Goodness knows reporters, including myself, have been calling them emailing their PR people for days to see if they had a comment ever since these allegations were made public. Today or overnight I should say they issued this statement, mister are you surprised they issued a statement? Or do you think it took them a little bit longer than it could have? Well, I think they had to figure out exactly what they wanted to say. And the biggest amount of time you have is between stimuli and response. So they wanted to be thoughtful in their response and this is what they did. I mean, the bottom line is that we have to believe women and we really have to believe black women because if you go back to the early 2000s or even the late 90s, Kris knoff was dating Beverly Johnson and she alleged that he also threatened her when they broke up. And said that he was going to kill her, harm her dog. And nothing came out of that other than the story breaking. So right. We have to believe women. This is such a tragic situation. It's just, it's so upsetting, but, of course, I believe the women, and now more and more are coming out to support what they have said and I'm not sure how Chris Nas is going to handle this, but if you do the crime, you have to pay the time. Yeah, he's also been let go CBS have fired him from the equalizer. He's on that show with Queen Latifah, he has one more episode in the can have already taped it. They are going to air that they issued a statement saying quote, Kris knoff will no longer film additional episodes of the equalizer effective immediate Leah. This is a massive story. We've done this a long time yesterday. We've worked in the entertainment business a long time. My experience with this is once one, two, three, four people start coming forward, many, many more do, now it's whether or not they come forward as a group, individually. I don't think there's many legal legal consequences for this because these alleged actions happened so long ago, but I think there's going to obviously be a consequence to him as far as his career is concerned. It's very, very tricky now for shows like Sex and the City. That show earns hundreds of millions of dollars not only for the stars, but also the producers. Let's remember Sarah's not just the star of Sex and the City. She's the boss. She's the executive producer. Now looking back over those episodes, are they going to be weird to watch them? I have to take a moment and figure out how I feel about it. I love Sex and the City. I've always loved the character of mister big, whether he's been good or bad. And so I don't know if I can watch the show in the same way thinking what I know now. So it's going to be hard and we know that arizon several networks. I mean, basically, you can find sex in the city on any time of day, 24/7 on television. And the question is now, are these networks going to pull it? And again, it is about the money. And it's sad that it's going to affect Sarah Jessica Parker. Who is an executive producer and all the people who have invested in this show. We have to say allegedly because that's always have to say until it's proven. Yeah, and I don't think this is ever going to be proven. There's not going to be a court case. This is always going to be he said she said, although the evidence seems to be a little overwhelming now, many people have come forward three, I think, four, as we speak, probably more will come forward. I'm already hearing bubbling up. More people are considering talking about their time, their experiences with Kris knoff. So we'll keep you definitely in the loop on this story, but let's move along onto something a little bit more happy. So wills and Kate were good in a very sexy flirty exchange which they never ever do. So the gearing up to release their holiday special on ITV it's already been recorded but they're going to release it this week. However, ITV gave a little tease and the teasers are very flirty moment. So this is a big deal because the fact that Kate and William are flirty at all is actually something that they don't do because of royal protocol that two of them are exchanged a real slice. And they looked at each other while Ellie goulding was performing have yourself a merry little Christmas, the two of them looked really, really sexy. I've not seen them, but this intimate yes it's just the look they're not kissing they're not making out. This is not a Kim Kardashian special. But for these two who never ever ever show PDA, it's something. What do you think, mister? Well, they do have what ten kids know. 30 children. So we know that they've done they've been intimate. And I think for Prince William and Kate, they want to show that they're real people. And it's not going to be all the time, but every once in a while, I think they do want to remind us that they're real people. And of course, when you think about prince Harry and Meghan, we've seen them be very loving, very embracing, very supportive of one another. And I think that prince Harry and Kate have noticed that. And they want to show that they are real people too, that they have these moments that their family people love it. I think it's cute. I love it. I love it, which brings us to my poll question of the day. Will and Kate were caught on camera exchanging in a rare, very rare flirty look. Do you like that these two are breaking royal protocol less? Some of you are going to say no, I get it, the traditionalists that listen to the show. Probably don't like this. Maybe the people but like a little bit of public affection will think otherwise, but go out on our Twitter page at naughty nights or other our Facebook page, which is naughty gossip and Monsieur to check back tomorrow to hear your results, mister Steve what are you working on? Well, cops have pulled over Alec Baldwin and his wife after a warrant was issued for his phone. So basically they were pulled over by the police in the Hamptons, two days after investigators issued a search warrant for the actor's cell phone, which could have photos and taxes about the tragedy that happened on his movie set. So he was photographed sitting inside the car while area, his wife spoke with a cop on the side of the road before pulling out her phone and showing the screen. So it's not immediately clear why the couple was pulled over. So Alex was later photographed, he was basically picking up some coffee and snacks while his wife remained in the car. Now, of course, we're still thinking about the death of Helena Hutchins. And her father has come out and he's actually accusing Alex of being partially to blame for Helena stuff. And he said, the father told the sun that he did not understand Alex's claims that he killed Helena without pulling the trigger. And he said he was concerned that the actor had deleted tweets after the tragedy. I mean, this is.

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