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East coast or they play on the east coast next week it's going to be really difficult against miami who all the sudden we have some major question marks about their offense but they're foreign free we just got to score from the la charters will tell you about that in just a moment but the buck in years are up ten three although jamus wincing was just picked off or those plays were picked off and then looked like perhaps a possible is it going to be result in a in a fumble we we will see the ariel i actually going on right now the bears trail the saints seventeen to six in the fourth quarter in new orleans is twenty seven to seven as we told you san francisco leads a usually philadelphia leads san francisco so the charter by the way just scored a touchdown it was philip rivers with a 24 yard touchdown travis benjamin perhaps that sort of alleviate some of the frustration the chargers fans probably feel towards benjamin at an earlier on of the day hawk and one of the curious place that you will see yana fumbled the home of the power return deep in his own territory ram backward than to his own enzo for a safety safety by travis badgering the rare negative nineyard return 24 yard touchdown to they went for two obviously be down by five the twopoint conversion would get them back within a field goal it is no good the patriots nalete 18th thirteen 830 to go into the fourth quarter part of the story there is that steven gostkowski has missed a pair of field goals for the new england patriots coming up on operation football we got lots of exciting finishes plus a look ahead to the four o'clock games and more conversation about the houston texans the comments made by their owner bob near next operation flip on espn radio and the.

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