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Even like nebulous different 'cause nebulous and she has like hair only has one mental. I everything else on hers. Like her normal body Michael rooker coming back as a do That's the part i like. When he's like hearing the guy out and he is like i never fight are never come alone a ravaged. You're never fights alone or something like that and he keeps saying it and they're like is that a line and then you just hear the whistle. Which i can't do that can you like that. Can you whistle at all. But not okay. I can't whistle that good. Can you breathe. Can you deal with air to you okay. So anyways he does his whistle with the little arrow thing and Everyone's voice is pretty much the same person except chris. Pratt and dave batista. Remember seeing chris pratt at the very very very end member he like picks him up from dairy queen. The dad right. Maybe just maybe. But nope or dave teesta. They said no. Thank you which is weird. I didn't think the collectors voice was the same guy. I had to google because i was like. There's no way it doesn't sound like him and it was beneath. Yoda toria okay. He didn't sound like sound like him from the movie. He was like way more like creepy about it or quiet. Yeah yeah it's weird. That he was like the the main and then like when you go to nowhere and you're looking at his stuff Like showed like some of the stuff he he had in his collection. Like you can see the head. Like captain america's shield He had like the head thing that helena. That yeah that helena war and apparently that's what god gave her her powers because as soon as he put that on he could like throw the fucking knife things anyway. Yeah right then. A the the duck howard the duck. He said something funny. I remember what was. He's just i think sarcastic. General was it about sexual probably yeah. He's weird though south there was like isn't howard the duck sexual doesn't have sex like a human. That's in the movie. i've never seen it either. Oh wow and. I just know somebody our circle. That really likes that yup. Can you guess who it is working. Yes it's my husband But this whole episode was such a different concept like the beginning is the same right but basically after that.

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