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What's a <Speech_Male> nickname you go by? <Speech_Male> How did you get <Speech_Male> it? Okay so <Speech_Male> bob <Speech_Male> is my nickname <Speech_Male> really. <Speech_Male> Only my family and <Speech_Male> like really really close <Speech_Male> friends will <Speech_Male> call me Bob or <Speech_Male> it's really <Speech_Male> wealthy. Bub <Speech_Male> and how I got it <Speech_Male> was my father nicknamed <Speech_Male> me that because <Speech_Male> another <Speech_Male> name for <Speech_Male> the devil is <Speech_Male> B L Z. <Speech_Male> Bob And so <Speech_Male> he started calling me Welsey <Speech_Male> bub. Because <Speech_Male> apparently <Speech_Male> I am the devil. <Speech_Male> Thanks pop <Speech_Male> is probably a good place to <Speech_Music_Male> stop <Speech_Male> there. You Go. <Speech_Male> There's my wells cast <Speech_Male> on me wells. <Speech_Male> You've been great <Speech_Male> at doing this <Speech_Male> interview. I barely <Speech_Male> have had to ask a <Speech_Male> question so <Speech_Male> thanks so much <Speech_Male> everyone out <Speech_Male> there. Please stay <Speech_Male> inside because <Speech_Male> seriously. <Speech_Male> The Corona virus <Speech_Male> is <SpeakerChange> real <Speech_Male> and take it seriously. <Speech_Male> I know that I'm doing <Speech_Male> that kind of like <Speech_Male> my joking <Speech_Male> radio voice but seriously <Speech_Male> stay inside all <Speech_Male> right. Love you guys. I think <Speech_Male> that's it right if <Speech_Male> you like this show <Speech_Male> when I look at the reviews <Speech_Male> and stuff that seemed like he <Speech_Male> has for digging on it. If you <Speech_Male> like the show tell <Speech_Male> a couple of friends I guess <Speech_Male> tweet. Us <Speech_Male> tweet to me about this show. <Speech_Male> I will respond <Speech_Male> will re tweet <Speech_Male> first. Sherbro <Speech_Male> but tell your friends <Speech_Male> on instagram and twitter <Speech_Male> Facebook <Speech_Male> whatever <Speech_Male> also rate and review. <Speech_Male> If you haven't done that like in <Speech_Male> the apple or <Speech_Male> Google play store is that <Speech_Male> helps because when <Speech_Male> you have a lot of reviews <Speech_Male> and like a lot of positive <Speech_Male> messages <Speech_Male> and stuff people see <Speech_Male> that in like oh I'll give them a <Speech_Male> shot. You know so <Speech_Male> anyways do do that. I'd be <Speech_Male> cool if if if <Speech_Male> you don't WanNa do that. <Speech_Male> Then don't do that. I don't <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> live your life but <Speech_Male> I'm just asking if <Speech_Male> you liked it so anyways <Silence> I'm GonNa <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> make a drink. <Speech_Male> That's what we <Silence> that's what I do now. Did <Speech_Male> you wake <Speech_Male> up? You Watch the news. <Speech_Male> He breakfast <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> decide. <SpeakerChange> Am I going to <Silence> eat breakfast? <Speech_Music_Male> I don't know and <Silence> then you <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> it's basically <Speech_Male> you're just like waiting <Speech_Male> like when's <Speech_Male> the right time to start. Drinking <Silence> again <Speech_Male> is what <Speech_Male> quarantining <SpeakerChange> is <Speech_Male> all about. <Speech_Male> But this is really fun. <Speech_Male> I have so much more. <Speech_Male> Tell my story. I <Speech_Male> guess but I didn't <Speech_Male> play any of my old air <Speech_Male> checks man. <Speech_Music_Male> Whatever <SpeakerChange> all <Speech_Music_Male> right. Let

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