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Referencing Eminem right case masses incapacitated. We cordially invite you to come on on wilder now and get his smoke. ALL CAPS L. O. L.. All of you NIGGA. y'All I saw ground need to find something else to do. One of you. Mother fuckers jumped him. I mentioned last week and we're like please leave my men eminem alone because nick cannon was is talking about him I on his podcast his radio show or his take talk or whatever the Fuck Shit Damn sure would not have known about so there. You go sharing doing that for the streets. According to one of EMINEM's remaining stand nick cannon is the one who actually started this rockets immune is here. We are today. We didn't give either way. We didn't care who started in one of us gave before we said then it was done regardless of both the ought to be doing this guy the one with since somewhere worried about a business a money our it's our charts like we said that then and it remains the same today Vincent and whoever else jumping all this dumb taller to funding older. Be acting like it's so steam instagram. Not only have. y'All done this already fucking decade ago. Yes but EH. This is coming out of absolutely nowhere. Now it's not. It was barely interesting. Me To be honest with you because most of us would censor like wow ams uh-huh coming mariah that's wild. There's a history between them. That's wild ride carries ignoring the fuck out of them. That's to be expected right right. What's for lines and so I don't even understand why we're doing this now on fat Joe Album and on world star hip hop or whatever the fuck and then going back and forth on instagram? Like is this what you you do. When you're wealthy and board? This is exactly it fine niggers to pick it or like little ridiculous fights to start because what the fuck else you have to. They do but they can't actually does have a lot of things to do so I don't know why he I don't know why any of them chose to get involved in this. This is just so fucking stupid. Uh Straight Nigga dig jerking is very interesting to watch and social media just because like the way that it is done is so stupid you know like I understand that really. What's happening here is that we have a lot of of seemingly straight niggers who are sort of you know when like birds of certain species push their feathers out as a way to be like yes I am the biggest as well as the baddest motherfucker? Tuck in this country and no bitch on this branch will say other like that is what I'm getting from this. But in the social media age where Nichols use emojis and like screen shots and whatever is deemed to be an embarrassing photo of you that they find on Google images it just adds ads like an even weirder flavor on something that we've always known to be strange right. I mean I just don't I haven't for none of these Snegur's if this is done right. This isn't everybody involved in they fucking forties like just grow up. Girls find something else to do. This is ridiculous. This we can suited or rebooted Legends of the Hidden Temple is making a comeback. Okay so if you're in ED drains. You may remember growing up watching this game show on nickelodeon leading to the temple where kids would be in studio with this white man. And they'd run around this Was it supposed to be like an Amazonian are Mayan as Tackett temple was. This is the one where you would get like a piece.

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