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Or the patriots. Do not have a lot of receivers running free. Like they did. It's kind of like the ramps. I I like the Rams to we're in the minority definitely in the minority in in liking, the Rams let me ask you this. Andrew, you an article by technology, and and in ways to improve technology ways, the NFL, maybe should look at improving technology. What is there out there? You think that that would be available? I would I would like to see a chip in the ball. That's the one thing. I've always wanted to see a chip in the ball. And then have a chip that goes goal line to goal line. And maybe I'm out of balance. It wouldn't be that difficult to do that. But what what are the things that are out there that you think may make it easier for the referees to get things, right? I think what you said is absolutely essential in terms of placement issues. I talked about tennis where player challenges the tennis hall human error human error like football, and you over role human era with technology and a matter of seconds with microscope accuracy in Tennessee that can be done. So there's no reason it can't be the way we spot malls and football in the seventy year old runs in from twenty yards away stopped here. And the way we figure out first downs. It's two guys would fix and a chain. I mean, this should be easier with fifteen billion dollars revenue now in terms of passenger parents, I get it. You're gonna have human error and maybe open up Pandora's box with reviewing no calls. Maybe there's holding on that play or whatever it is. But I just think that. For instance, if you had that chip in the ball, and you had that chip in the pad of that play New Orleans that would show you that the ball didn't get there by the time, the hit would made on the pad, and that can be something, you know, showing you know, technology, I understand it. Dr Goodell said it's not gonna answer everything. But do a lot better than what they're doing? Now. It's so funny. You said that because you know, for a fact there, I mean, it would be impossible to get any spot right throughout the course of an entire NFL season. There's not one spot. They nail it. It's it's it's not feasible to think that where the emitted by an inch five inches miss it by a millimeter. You're gonna miss the spot. And it'd be nice to have the chip there to know exactly that spots. Exactly. Right. Because I love it. When when when I'm watching the game, and I'm rooting for one side or the other. And I'm like he didn't give them a left-foot spot of the right foot spot. Who's got the top car the bottom guy, the top guys wave and the bottom guy up? Now, the bottom guy says he has it all that's good or the bottom guy got a damn. He's going to be short. Now. It's like what are we doing? I know and we have Jim Nance or or Joe buck saying, oh that was the healthy spot. And we we we laugh it off like, yeah. That's fun. Act can result in major discrepancies that affect the game. And we don't even think of it that way. Really? Yeah. So as far as obviously the saints and the Rams go. Andrew Brandt is joining us. Is there a solution to all this should they open this thing up to judgment calls, which I think would be an absolute mess. Should they just say, hey, you can challenge whatever you want? But you have X amount of challenges are normal amount of challenges. What is there? A solution. A clear solution to you here. You mean, actually what they said. What would I guess Adam Schefter reported made some sense that? Yeah, you keep the same number of challenges you allow the judgment call challenges. But if you missed that one it's more of a penalty than missing say of of you know, catcher, no catch one. And he didn't specify what that would be whether it'd be time off the clock or you charged who timeouts, I don't know. But. You know, you you gotta you gotta keep the number of challenges the same 'cause you worried about stoppages. So you do that. And then, you know, then you sort of got to drill down in what can be reviewable or not. If the goal though, the NFL to stop the the game deciding calls from being wrong, I think you have to I just think you have to there's there's legacies stake here with what happened the saints. They'll never get over that. I know a lot of people here in San Francisco are hoping you might be wrong. When you you said, you didn't think Antonio Brown would be cut or traded? Do you still think that's the case? It's too prohibitive for the for the Steelers to do either. Again, listen, I'm speaking from someone who managed natto cap for ten years, and I just know how cat busting move that is for team. No, we're not talking about a team with fifty million a cap room. Like the Jaguars the colts or someone we're talking or the forty Niners. We're talking about the Steelers would have a twenty one million dollar hole in their cap that they trade Brown. Not to mention losing their best player. So I'm saying from a business point of view, it makes Niro's tents. Now, I understand people saying, you know, just he's too toxic. Well, if he's too toxic. He's talks you'd better get you better. Get a bounty out of that. I mean, you'd better get an Anthony Davis tight bounty of picks and players can make it worth your while. And we'll see if they can. Andrew brandished. We're talking Super Bowl and other things as a guy as you said who helped build franchises, especially from a business standpoint. How can you put? It into words. How press of what it is even if people don't like them, and how long the patriots have have been at this level Brady's at his ninth super, obviously we're up to about eighteen nineteen years on on these two guys dominating. And this team in this franchise dominating the way that they have. Yeah. Impressive. I mean, you can't say anything else because what I know about the business of sports all four major sports leagues. They have things in place to try to make bad teams get better faster, and that's the inverse order of the draft that's free agency. And that's. Shower cap even baseball with the taxes. So all those things conspire against good teams continuing a sustained success. And they're very you start thinking about how many teams kind of overcome that. And you talk about maybe the San Antonio Spurs the New England Patriots. And maybe my former team the Green Bay Packers. But they're not a lot. They're not allowed to teams that can have sustained success in ways that are just mindblowing blowing the amount of time that they have it. Now, I do think what's been helpful to the patriots is the other side of it where they're in a division. Now. That's six games a year against jets dill's and dolphins you seem to be always on the downturn. So that helps absolutely LA have fun at the Super Bowl. Like, you said it's it's crazier than ever and maybe got obviously exempted shark. But there you go, and it should be fun. And we'll talk to you again real soon. We always appreciate it. Thank you. Andrew. Oh, enjoy talk to singer got Andrew is good insight into the Sugar Bowl into the game into replay. All those other things. He hasn't had a chance. Big story. Obviously is the trade between the Knicks and the Mavericks did it. We'll get into that. How it could potentially affect Kevin Durant. There's some news any Anthony Davis. And obviously the borders back in action tonight at oracle against the Sixers. We're getting all that stuff. Coming up next on the here on the sports leader Tolbert.

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