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But wanting kirk. Peter king kali. Oh hey peter how are you. I'm out on the highways and byways of north america bringing everyone the best. 'cause we possible good. I wanted to say thank you kirke. I was me and the bribe. Kenny bunk fort last week to visit candle shop and we stopped at a little roadside place we wanted to taco and got a great barbecue takeout to go. It was spectacular. That's great to hear beer. It was born of a we. We didn't realize you would pay for it all was going. Well you're welcome. I'm happy to help. I'd like to say. Br also kirke. I'd like to say hail and farewell to mrs barnacle retiring from back to america today. Oh is that right. Humble keller circle. Peter sometimes a secret major league too. I thought he was actually reading real. Peter king things last week us at always pretending he was going for training camp to training camp. Yeah oh isn't neto. He's talented a show. Probably yeah you see Rachel maddow got double pay and she's working one day a week. Now shows one day a week half thirty million dollars a year one day one day a week you can go weekly. How sure she'll have special projects that their biggest show. Yep she's One day a week. I can't be true. Is that true. Yep shit special or something that's created. She has to have other things go podcasts. I'm sure that they'll make money from but she's her show is only going to be one day a week. Time looking at gaz who sang that the big guy. He thinks it was controversy trivia. I heard there was like technical issues or something. Yeah go ahead. Six oh three. Christopher i am is chris. I'm listening to some episodes of quantum week. Waiting for kurtz episode to come out. And i'm listening to your Lord of the rings episode. Yeah some a few weeks ago. I have never been more about. How much like how you hate or the ring like. I'm not passionate. I'm with chris thousand percent on this so mocking movies. You like those movies. no. I'm not like them but the passionate love thing i wrote my friend dragged me. See the last one. The one the one best fucking picture and like at the end. They like. I'll tickle each other and some bed i'm like what the fuck is not tissue photo. This is fucking bullshit. It's the most boring movies series. I've had in my life and on and on and on i get ten. The whole thing is fake people pretending to the books. They think they're i think the whole thing is bullshit. Nobody actually liked it. Nobody not a single person. The books i i actually muhammad muhammad is pretty good wise. Fuck fuck you seriously ellison's podcast fuck you. Listen to quantum weekday. That's fine but anyway. This is amy. If you're listening you like ordering don't don't listen this point. I don't know i don't want that. I don't need that. My wife quantum underscore weeks is right and no patriot movie this week. Pet cemetery and a song by cannibals. Good thing your drives me crazy She's created this great. Dale midkiff writes this denise crosby for for grin fred. Gwynne whoever why does better. That's that's true 4:02 in a creepy guy who's Got killed the beginning with his heads. All screwed yeah. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. These end the whole movie too. He keeps popping up. It doesn't fuck them like he's you know in the end he's like it's it's the comic relief. Oh he's definitely walks. Pat and the word is on the theaters kid. A real kid. There was eighty nine fifteen. No fourteen y'all went and like a bunch of us and like i was fucked up a little kid died. That was like this fucked up by car. He sees bobby a little bit in the In the casket. Yeah stephen king's lynn pre strike that the also wrote it like develop wrote the screenplay guess he was super involved with the filming. Yes it's nice like onset everyday not great you see maximum overdrive movie. He directed chameleon so wildly that. But it's like it's fun dad. Well seeking famously hates. His movies is that the film's yeah but he is also hates the kubrick version shining. Which is the greatest movie ever. Kings kings movie takes decker. No i well. Yeah no yes. It's probably true. Hello dave what's that kirk billboard charts guy here to do what's up right. Billboard chart guy he is the first time billboard charts right. I thought this week. We'd explore the top. Ten history of bob seger seven narrow now now now now on our own seven in top ten songs. Seven top ten songs from bob seger sir. I will go with his loan. Number one Shakedown correct eighty seven. You're busted He's never what i think. It's as big as if you look at the accumulation of chart points Shame on the moon which hit number two Which is constantly blocked by billie jean of members correctly. Correct 1982 Well he had the eagles backing him up on fire lake which i think it number six nineteen eighty sir. You are correct. Night against women was a top ten song number five in nineteen eighty How many i have left. You have three left The guy one go ahead still the same number. Four nineteen seventy eight did so. Let's see the start date when he when he said. Bob seger code now now. Oh you just allen our narrow narrow on jesus because the question for you just trying to help. I was doing it. The two left are either up that you got you got. I said he interrupts every week. I know a friend of mine who said that. Somebody was a maximus interruptus. A think dave is being. Are there any left from the eighties. There's one left from the eighties. And obviously one from the seventies amazingly e secrets best known for asked one hundred people is probably old time rock and roll. Maybe and that did not chart the top. Yeah let's turn the page might be two billion. Maybe maybe but i'm saying like you know the was played the most as probably that i think i know the nineteen nine one. It's from the eighties. Yeah my dad. It's one of my dad's favorite songs wasn't gonna bother me there all day the eighties for seekers also from eighty s from against winter. No no it's not. I didn't think it was two.

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