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Blacking up dollar I got stories that will raise the hair deer hair until you're smart speaker to play ESPN 1000. They're looking forward doing Black and Abdullah. On ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for sports. It's fucking Abdullah talking football view here on ESPN. 1000 White Sox baseball coming up pregame at eight o'clock soxer in Oakland tonight. Len KASPER, Darren Jackson, the call of tonight's game. Friday. 40 Conner McKnight was the pre game Starting at eight. Right here on ESPN. 1000 Funny. You mentioned the White Sox. Chris, What do you got There? There are Fanduel game of the night, The blanket of dollar Fanduel game of the night, the Chicago White Sox and the other on the Oakland Athletics. You've got Jimmy Lambert, pitching for the White Sox, Their A plus 1 12 dog on the road. Anytime I can get the White Sox as a dog, I'm going to take them. Because unless they're facing like a crazy, good team, I might not, but the A's. They're okay. They're decent playing. Well, I'm gonna take the White Sox as a dog. I think they got their surprise people the beginning of this series, and they win this first game. And that's plus 1 12 right now on the Fanduel sports Book, Fanduel wants you to believe that they believe that beating the spread is hard enough. So unlike other sports books, Panda doesn't make you jump through hoops when you want to withdraw your winnings. It's my go to sports. Look at the sports book that I use the app that I use for every single game that I bet on whether it's college NFL Baseball the NBA When it comes back soccer on the weekends do there's so many sports going on at the same time right now. Vandal always has great odds, boost and promotions going on for all of them, So make sure you check out the boost page. You obviously must be 21 or over President Illinois to gamble and you can get a promotional credit that expires in seven days. After a seat you have to deposit $10 minimally to require to a draw. Any winnings see full terms of sports book that vandal dot com Gambling problem Call 1 800 Gambler, The White Sox and plus money tonight on the money line. That is our Fanduel game of the night. Socks struggle against Royals over the weekend. They lost on Sunday six Nothing and another series where the socks can kind to measure themselves against some of the good competition in the American League on the road against Oakland. Will be interesting to hear the game tonight on ESPN 1000 per game starting at eight o'clock football is back this week. We missed you..

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