Senator John Mccain, Senator Lindsey Graham, President Trump discussed on Leo Laporte


Grieving sending McCain pressed her cheeky the surface of the casket of her husband Senator John McCain during the burial. Service Sunday for the longtime Republican began have requested. To be laid to. Rest alongside a friend at the cemetery of the US naval academy. In, Annapolis Maryland, horse-drawn case. On carrying the senators casket led a procession from the academy's chapel. Cemetery following a private service the Senate Judiciary committee begins supreme court confirmation hearings on Tuesday Senator Lindsey Graham says judge bread Kavanagh's views on criminal investigations. Of. The president are within the mainstream most people are unsure as to whether or, not a president can be indicted a sitting president and payment is, a process to remove a president president there criminal liability aspects are very much in debate. Senator Graham, today on Fox News Sunday correspondent, Jackie Quinn reports the online career network linked in says it's working with law enforcement after finding fake. Profiles that appeared To come from China linked in says it's a specs Chinese espionage activity is behind the targeting of some of its users earlier this month it says it found fake profiles and accounts being misused to connect with Lincoln members he work at. Political organizations this week it says it believes this. Is the work of. Nation state actors and official with the national counter intelligence and security. Centre, tells Reuters, the government. Told linked in this was China's effort to recruit possible spies I'm. Jacky Quin four people are missing after two boats crashed on the Colorado river rejecting more than a dozen people who were on board the Mohave county. Sheriff's, office said that a boat carrying ten people and another vessel with six people, on board collided head on Saturday night on.

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