IRA, Moldova, Barlow discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show - #9052: How to Pay Cash for Grad School (Hour 2)


And so you're going to continue to do that and you need to do all of that regardless of the source of the income in your case though the sources just unusual because it's a disability income from such a such a crazy situation so while amazing uh that is one check i don't mind riding as a tax payer right there that's one i'm happy to ride uh very few things i say that about about the tax as a taxpayer the czech i'm thrilled to right but that's one on thrilled the right man how shelly is with us in chattanooga high shelly how are you how fine across not bummer i've gotten to travel financially and knight for credit cards do so so what i did is i consolidated them in two thousand one non at the bank and um i have the ira now that i've moldova from my barlow and k and um they said that if i can take out ten thousand a year without getting penalized fort with snow pass and malone advice for eleven thousand and i'm wondering what it means smart did you that out and pay that long off how can you take out ten thousand without being penalised but that they said at an office my age your area sixty five were you won't have any penalty on anything you take out the only thing here with the only thing you would have would be taxes on it um and i guess what they're saying is that it won't grab you into an upper tax bracket what is your income.

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