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Or nutrient it may be better her boat the baby and the mother to be delivered early right but you're caught we trying to weigh the risk of a of an unexpected premature delivery for medical indicate versus the rip staying in the womb when if not a good idea really go to the phones eight four four seven two four two five five if you have questions about placenta and fetal development and please keep your suggestions for placenta recipes to yourself i couldn't believe it let's go to that's coach to who question let's go to the phones that's going to jesse in rochester higher jesse welcome designs friday all thank you ira um so it sounds like you've you've discovered that the placenta among identical twins would favour one over the other my twin identical fund ted when did quinn trend here and syndrome which sounds like kind of an hyperactive tendency of their codefendants who wanna he'd won and deplete the other i wonder if you could speaker how your new findings might be related to the twin quinn grant federal okay it could you let us here what that is yet twin transfusions syndrome is when the vessels in the placenta from one twin and the other half abnormal connection so one typically one twin steals blood from the other twin directly um in our particular study we excluded as twins with those abnormalities but we are hoping that with in ford we can also look at how that transport of nutrients his altered with an abnormal connections and probably like anything that percenta issue i suspect dram in one spectrum there is his feeling of blood from went went to the other and in another and respect and there's one placenta that isn't functioning and as well as it should be so there's trying to understand where the boundaries are between normal and avner some of the things we hope to do better as we move forward can better understand the scent of function and just to clarify nar study weep specifically chose on purpose twins that were different in size the vast majority of identical twins have very similar in size and you don't and you don't see this phenomenon now i know you i noticed that you use something called bold mri for this most recent study had does that were boulder mara below them rise blood.

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