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Last night podcast with Brad Williams and Adam Ray. And so like do you sit down does have you on the point now where like someone comes to you and says, hey, we want you to write the bay watch movie, or do you think yourself? I'm gonna write a bay watch movie with us. Interesting. Because I wrote when we were doing the state, I wrote a sketch about Baywatch yet that our producer Jim Sharpe once the sketches were got through the pitch phase. At your producer, Jim who's basically functioned to sort of like the George Martin of the the group. He was the, you know, the other, you know, he would like sort of curate stuff and make it make sense. And I remember he handed me, I got back my Baywatch sketch that I had written. I think it said like you can do better. Oh, yeah. I wrote the road. But he was right, not enough. Wasn't good, but they watch. It was interesting, and this is the best advice I could give to any people that want to write studio movies right now these days. They're not necessarily always looking for like a brand new movie that you just thought up in your head. That's amazing. Studios have bought every book that exists. They own the rights to every video game that exists. They have just consumed the rights to everything all the time. Yeah, and they've got to get some of the shit off their books. Right? So a lot of what we do in the movie business these days is we'll go in and be like, what problems do you need fixed? Wow. Yeah. Like we're not gonna come in and pitch you like a brand new idea because you've got so many fires that need to be put out over there. Yeah, you won't even listen to what we're I'm pitching you. Yeah. For instance, that's why Sony kept re-releasing new Spiderman movies because they had to so they don't lose the rights. Yeah. So they lose the right in the last one was amazing, so great. Yeah, but so we went in, for example, we went into the head of Paramount's office and we were meeting about something else completely, but on a three by five card, like moved way down off the wall of things that were coming out on production was upside down, almost in the garbage can was bay watch, and we were like, how do you fuck up a Baywatch movie that was like, so. I've seen it. So maybe they did. I dunno, funny. Yeah, but we're like that that seems doable, like you want to read the bay watch moving like, yeah, of course. We're like it's easy. It's like John Bell, John and swimsuit have the movies in slow motion fucking problem. We just go and we wrote it for a long time. They've got fired and fired Fired off. off everything to do you write it with the like you have casting in your head when you're doing? We did. We did. It helps when you're writing anything? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we always, we always cast everything. Just you can hear what they said. Yeah, you know, especially when you're riding with a partner, you have to know everybody's voice. So you heard Lindsay Lohan voice when you wrote Herbie fully like this. This. I find many, I think you're how cash. That is it by the way, please tell me you saw that video. Yeah, refugee family, yes, cellphone redoing it. It's a great idea. Great, Halloween costume. You just need for refugees, right? Yeah. Poor thing. She crushed that movie. She crushed issues in for a long time. Your great met, how is acting with keys? Forget the nose in that. I don't think I have any scenes with him and I'm sorry, but he's great. Yes, but he's really good do. Was that a pretty because I was Disney? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a big fund. Got that one too. What every movie. And then at one point, Lindsay put the dick and the gummy bears, like, dude, that's not even a thing you've said yet, like we don't understand the callback. That actually was in the first. But the car did it. That's why it was weird. We got. We're going to fight with the producer of that movie because in one draft she was like, great. And then and then Herbie smiles and then goes, beep, beep..

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