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I think that there will probably be a settlement in my opinion. Yeah. I mean, it, you know, it depends on and even then it depends on kind of what they can prove it mean Jeff skilling. And this happened this week, Jeff. Skilling was just who was the the of Enron which is like one of the biggest scams of all time that you know was publicly traded company and and which which makes some things different in, you know, cost a thousands of people their jobs and and was truly kind of terrible thing. He served eleven years in jail. I think he was sentenced to fifteen in the news released early, so but his trial, but he fought it and it took them a long time to get through trial. And in fact, he and he and the the, the CO or other cofounder, whatever other guy can lay, the chairman were both convicted, and then Ken Lay died before he. Be sentenced which meant that because he died before he was sentenced meant that like he died not having been convicted of anything like it was able to be expunged from his record, which you know made his family happy, but, but everybody else kind of incensed that you know he was able to whitewash his legacy a bit, but that shook a wile. So we just kind of depends. I would imagine. Like I said, I would imagine there's a settlements. I think that it might depend on like who turns on who you know what I mean point bell, Wannian homes broken up and ask about that broke up when she kicked him out of the company when things were going badly, she dumped in and buy them and sa- me, I mean, I kinda get that, you know, look out for yourself..

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