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Before. I'm sure Yup absolutely yes or if you have kids guys near listen to this in you. Don't download this application that. Do not think that this cannot happen to you in and I know that that's usually the the problem. Psychologically with these types of issues because the last in the you I think It's it's a horrible situation but you've you've got to accept that. It does not discriminate in K.. It does not matter if you're rich or poor or your ethnicity you or your sex. It doesn't matter A this can happen to anybody at any time in a motte saying that scare anybody. This is just the truth so you know this is just the simplest thing you can do. It only takes a minute. Download that APP the Go subscribe to the podcast. So you know it's there for you gotTa make the decision to to do it. I'm Komo news was something real quick because I'm sure a lot of people are gonNA think this and it's something that I thought of as well that can happen but obviously somebody reporting. Somebody's being missing but they're not they're pulling a hoax or is there. Is there any way to prevent that. I don't think there really is hundred percent way to to prevent that. I don't think that there there is really. We have to hope that everyone is using the service As it's intended to get everyone excited were worried about a person. That really isn't missing.

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