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And recently we received a grant from the state of Kentucky. So you allow us to spend Blue North out of triad to establish a Northern Kentucky Innovation Office or the region, and that is blue north. Philly, tell us about these grants like how do they work How did we win them? What? What what was the criteria and what are they going to allow blue blue north to do. Well first of all, we didn't win the the the grant. Is being a little modest their state received seven proposals are we were told by the decision making group that ours is far and away the best proposal that they receive really the most on point for what they w- The Commonwealth was looking from this program. So really a lot of credit in red and her colleague Abby over for putting together an outstanding also for the community won't make sure we don't pass on on that. So what this does is this program will start at a couple of years ago. Governor sheer decided to carry forward in his administration. Really what what the State is trying to do is to drive itself as a hub for entrepreneurship and in doing. So to make sure all parts of the of this come will have access to entrepreneurship services and activities in. So we north being that entity for northern. Kentucky will use this grant to provide those types of services whether it's you know Brit sitting down at a an entrepreneur former entrepreneur. I. Think I'm supposed to say. My correct about the have read. Once that aren't always in onto. Sitting down in counseling people on how to create a business plan what it would look like all the way through automatically. Getting Ding investment dollars or working with clients and so. Will make sure that our community has all resources inside. So what does this mean for current of companies and clients working with balloon worth and for those who want to take part? How does it change? Absolutely great question. So we're going to continue to work with clients to be connected with in the last. Year we actually had over seven hundred touch points, entrepreneurs between office hours and events and things like that. So all that's going to continue what it really means is having support mistaken is that will be able to operate a lot more nimble fashion and really scale our impacts to a whole new level, and it also provides an opportunity for community to be involved in expanded way So we have a fantastic board of directors, US leading organization as well and a variety of organizations that are represented on that board..

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