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With that, teddy, thanks for doing this. It's great to see you as always, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next week. Me too, and that cause you just mentioned unbelievable. Yeah. Really? I mean, Vulcan outskirts not human. We know that, right? I was trying to describe to someone the other day. He's willing to become a zombie. He's willing to die and become a zombie. He proved that. He didn't talk about it. He showed it. He showed it when he was in that triangle, whatever the call. Guillotine. Guillotine. Guillotine. I'm fucking in bucking and jiving and shucking. And he said he told us on the show, again, if you haven't seen the interview, it's worth a listen. He said the flight started to flicker. All he could think was, oh my God, I'm gonna lose my title and one last ditch effort in this weird like hip bucking. He was like, I just went through a mental checklist of all the moves I knew how to get out of this and there were only a couple and I just started bucking wildly and that's what it looks like. He started thrust in his hips and next thing you know, it looked like he was having a convulsion. And then his reward for getting out of that mountain guillotine. Oh, right into Brian Ortega's signature triangle choke, which is why they call him T city. And he got out of that too. And you could see, you could see Ortega was almost like, I can't get them with that just beat me up until it's over. If I can't get those jokes at this stage, it's over. Those are my colleagues. And on a card with that, she may have who you mentioned. I mean, the next Khabib may be, I don't know. Whatever. But I mean, with that mentality with that ability on the mat and just and he's become an other dimensions to him too. That guy every time I want to see him because I want to see can he maintain his level of not excellence, but just beyond excellence like perfect, like he looks like one of those guys like Khabib became that you just can't beat. You know, and we always say everyone could be beat, you know? But he looks like the guy that really makes you say some guys, maybe they can. And then of course John, who I think is just an unbelievable striker. I mean, just a really, really, he could be a professional box. It's a car. Yep. Who will be down? We'll be back next week, guys, to break it all down and like I said, we've got some fight plans coming up. Lots of good things in the pipeline. So thanks for being with us. Please subscribe to the show. Subscribe to the newsletter. There's a lot of good information in there. And we'll be back with you guys next Monday. Thanks guys. So we understand the song call out the metal 'cause.

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