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Moment man that the whole game was fun. The kings were fun. I liked the kings Younis. Energy notice that they just play. They have a lot of spring in their step, absolutely deer and foxes. Nice. I know he didn't shoot it. Well, but he brings you just got a nice flow to his game and buddy hield went off. He'll score anywhere. Anytime got in college. He was a big score. And now, he's he had a monster. Fourth quarter put up about fifty on on on Steve Alford. Do reps were paid. Dude. Was my big my big rim shot Joe over the weekend. Did you hear? He's changed. His name to Steve Alford. Do we know? UCLA coughed up ninety. Plus, I can state just said here's a thanksgiving Turkey Turkey, right down your throat as the great, sir. Denis eaten hog would say, we can jam the record write down the consumers. Saint heavens. Nice by the way, who feels war today. Murphy. Well, I can't compare it. But I'll just say this how bad speaking of college athletics. How bad this horrible feel and canyon. Where does he go from here? Honestly, murph. What where does he go got to go win his bowl game? Now. Doesn't matter if they win there. But nobody there was supposed to be in the playoff. They're supposed to be housed eight because it's a great year. Not good enough. You've got to. Yeah. Exactly you got to go in the cave and liquor woman's body. That's it. He's got to go and start licking Dante Pettis. Why do you feel like sometimes there are losses? Like you. Just can't you just you can't see it's like it's like, for example, the ninety four NFC championship if the Niners lost that game for the third year in a row. It would have been like well now, I don't know what you do. Now, you blow this up maybe start all over again because I can't blow it you can't fire them. You've got to keep them. There. You got it. It hurts. Walker is if you're involved in a college rivalry, and you're involved in these huge stake games. Somebody loses them, and you just gotta go in the K usually eighty eight UCLA against USC. We both one loss team where both ranked in the top five. It was an epic Bitta theater. Troy Aikman's Rodney p we had a hundred ninety thousand and they fricken beat us. And what did we do wasn't like the next morning went on LA radio? What do we do? What do we do? We went into the cave and just. I'll tell you. I was rooting for Michigan. I wanted them to beat Ohio house. I've never really I've never really liked Ohio State. I don't love them hate him. I just kind of indifferent with our by figure look to rank fourth. This is their moment there on the let's see him. Do it. Let's go beat Ohio State cope set in on Friday football forecast for me and took Ohio State, by the way. Wait explain that really unhappy that Ryan Cova attached himself. We had an agreement with the stipulation the rules and regulations of Friday football forecast, article seventeen a subsection a clearly states one must be a member part-time fulltime or otherwise connected to the Eminem show in order for those picks to be deemed valid therefore, Murph. I reject cove as associate how am I sounding, by the way, lawyers? Good. Yeah. I'm not going to say the ninth circuit. Article seventeen. I am going to go ahead and approve your requests. Thank you Mervyn question..

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