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This is Phillies force with you in Philadelphia for W. I. P. very very good well done well I just can't regenerate you ninety four W. K. if you Mister news from yesterday we have announced Turkey bowl third annual Turkey bowl here on thanksgiving day coming up in just about three weeks or so right here in the B. I pay ten raging Quakertown we're headed to Penn region quicker towns game at this thanksgiving I will be proud to do a third annual Turkey bowl tradition that will continue for many years to come and of course will be spreading around at other schools in other neighborhoods in other games in the coming years hopefully decades but that will be proud to be there this year thanksgiving day congradulations the pain ridge and Quakertown alright let's go to the source code to get signed if you're injured at work at justice crossword call ten and eight hundred justice a lot to talk about with this bye week right now taking stock of the birds and of course specifically what we saw versus the Chicago Bears you can follow him on Twitter at she'll come party Mister Schickel party what's happening she'll what's up guys are you doing do you do a self assessment bi weekly do you sell scout yourself in your work organized crime I'm constantly you know looking in the mirror that that you know Jim Schwartz says there's no half by Mattel that's that's me with my life every day well done she'll well done all right was it well done by the eagles versus the bears will get into the future but let's just rewind it for a moment here the the jump out lead and then the and then the close you know obviously fourth quarter of big picture sense what do you make of the eagles performance couple days ago well I actually did an excellent job in the game you look at it authentically they did a lot of marketing to really neutralize Khalil Mack where there was chipping in weather with hiding protections weather with moving the pocket for Carson Wentz and they didn't really they really didn't like Khalil Mack be a factor in that payment lane Johnson did a really good job on mac one on one as well I think big picture what stands out is that just all over the place with this offense and I'm sure will shock jock but all the explosive plays half if the scheme dot but I mean you are rarely seeing just a receiver running past a quarterback Warren guide with the ball in his hands running for twenty yards and so I thought Doug Peterson did a really good job of giving up the place whether what I in the screen game of the route concept to beat man coverage to really help the players in the game is it sustainable you know scheming guys open all the time how bad our our wide receivers plane all right it is just being able to win the Super Bowl with this team now I don't know it in a poll to maybe win then SP all the wide receivers are playing really really poorly I mean if you look up all the statistics they are near the bottom of the league in every category a couple things you know a few things that stand out from this game typically one outside yeah I mean they had three third down trial judge up at three thirty down drop a you know that is just two of them were unbelievable rose by Carson Wentz you like a girl and I'll send you a free can't hang on to the that's obviously an issue all season long it been Nelson ankle or I mean they had down fuel to tempt him and this guy's looking the flag yes all as you can all right yes it is I'm the nickel coaching staff when the players get back in the pie we go into the wide receiver rooms I'm saying I don't care if you guys get three off after here next weekend I don't want you calling down their contact yeah or a black I mean big built a wide receiving corps if not better quality top five in there a lot of me in the water the game and they're playing like they're but I found that that really stood out to me Giles me nuts so can we make up for the loss of Dushan now I know what I want to be you know one storey Debbie Downer about it but now you can't you and to me you know it is a real cop out well you know be a great relief at Jackson would put on IR it's a real cop out at all we thought he was going to be able to play it you know this is what we are where we are at your office and goes for maybe a top five unit to a fifteen to twenty because the thirty year old wide receiver with any three injured you know that calm front office in the rock to construction that that's not on the player or anyone outside work use when you look at it and you wanted to date you know we we went to a laptop even knowing you need more speed more athleticism you put all your eggs in one basket you draft a wide receiver in the second round of that that you and that letter and this is where you are out of a lot of work where you get she'll they're clearly in scramble mode right now the wide receiver position personnel wise if we can go back in the the ten eleven twelve month way back machine from your memory what was Jordan Matthews last year when he was a bird what did he what did he do well what did he not do well what do you think he would be if they sign up but I think he was okay I I think what you would want to see is that not college come off the field I Nelson at globe reply it more on the outside Jordan Matthews would be in the slot and he talked with members of last year they weren't that bad my I think one thing that really stands out you have to look at we're back because it is so obvious that knack colleges even getting a look on the nothing that'll or he's got out like five yards you get a lot and I don't blame card good the guys haven't played well but that is a thing with him over the years and we know that he does trust ported Matthews around his route to be in the right place if you're not down with that and a little bit but if they were to you know there's no gradients are right now is to wind it though I would not have an issue at all if they went out and that all right it's just the best we can do it at least we know the quarterback trust this title from the football so other side of the ball our defense what excelled you know they had whatever it was nine yards at halftime how much of that was good eagles defense and how much of that was a bit small bears offense but I would definitely both I mean that was around woman but there's really one of the worst by any team eating all over the place I counted at least reach out there in the first round what about you know the last I like it keep its beat in balance so they help you quite a bit run a couple of things we've seen one with what your **** you know that you just wrecked the entire first year in the P. C. name really come on here I think the last two or three weeks that I think was early in the season you guys were asking me welcome to detect and prevent I don't have great like great analysis is that what you're cockpit play better and yeah I think that that's kind of what we're getting in that order well what you're counting on a a little bit no it was definitely a little bit about the corners she'll Darby in mills not to test the last two weeks but better play I think then they got from the other guys a few weeks back what he's saying yes and I think what was really interesting about this game schematically is what you worked at in the package we haven't seen all year I don't even know if we see in it he's been a coach this is a time package with sixty at the back but for your plea with core cornerbacks and two safeties and the post B. three quarterbacks and precinct utensil Jaylen milk with yours differently in this game then I think you can use the anytime did you twenty one and up against Rick Burton the tight end who was lining up in the Slavic inspecting it was Taylor Gabriel and so you little crystal talk with the outside when you went to that time look on third third and long and you move melt inside the at Milton addict inside a duck with a Barbie on the outside and I think that's actually going to be a pretty good package for them especially if you get group grave on the block back at some point I think these quarters are much better covered by it whoever your safety would be signed I think that's an interesting wrinkle to kind of keep an eye on in the week that Brandon Brandon Graham Barnett what he's saying I thought they were they were fine I think three and played pretty well I think he's up to six sacks for net you know the the one play he didn't finish line he came kind of on a loop and went around to to eat that's why men rush from the inside it was really more of a schematic they than anything else but that led to the Josh sweat so I think overall defensive line those two guys Fletcher **** I have really played better in the last few games yeah what about our new addition D. N. gets a half sack I mean they line them up is the will linebacker in in a nickel you know sad but at can you foresee him actually being productive yeah that's that's that's pretty interesting actually he was kinda like the joker is why not ending up yeah on the right side of the peace and wine and dine you look to you you know it was a very small well on the play I mean he did you look inside and in the quarter back so I like you check the sports but like yeah the more work thank you and it worked out pretty well I need big picture can be really interesting the next two weeks because all along your score twenty two points I mean I just don't see that being a wrecked the like the ox coming in here so I'm kind of interested to see how they come out in those games what teams are what they are all we've got in with go with this formula well that's that's sort of what we're talking about today you watch the the whole league how much better are the patriots and Seahawks then the bills and the bears not I mean not even close yeah you know what it actually is rolling in there still difficult to defend Tyler Lockett is playing as well as any wide receiver in the NFL of course but he came back that Metcalf you guys have been having and then yep Russell will thing on the second reaction play so that's going to be a factor the patriots offense I have not been great you know they're not talented at the wide receiver position if you get to Tom Brady we sell with the ravens email turned all over a little bit and they've had some offense of line issues but then again it's Tom Brady and the last time you saw this guy well over a forty yard in the Superbowl hello certainly not gonna be easy match up and then on the other side of the ball that patriots deep but you're gonna see a lot of man coverage though what kind of concept can you dial up beat those depicted back she'll great stuff my man is always every Wednesday at eleven o'clock show compiled a just top flight information she'll thanks so much thank god there is again add she'll compiled a on Twitter great follow and just the sensational sensational covering the eagles and the entire NFL eight eight seventy nine ninety four ninety four let's talk to the sledge hammer marking college Phillips up sledge.

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