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Forty-seven bright nap plus two three nine, and I cannot believe I'm betting against the champion winning sod that is Huddersfield, but I'm betting on Brighton. Plus to thirty nine they're a better team threatened through than Huddersfield. And I'm feeling confident on that one. Then my final is Newcastle versus West Ham Newcastle coming in plus one for nine West Ham coming at plus to six and basically the same thing with Crystal Palace in Burnley Newcastle's doing too. Well, right now, I think they have to two wins in a row, which is not natural. It's not what God wanted wanted. No, no. You need some rehabilitation to straighten that out, you know. Need to be slapped back in line. So I'm hoping chichi I'm open chichi or not vich can slap Newcastle. Back in line back to reality. Goes critic goes gravity. Cheers. All right. My bets. I'm going to take the wolves Marin at plus thirteen Cardiff City sucks, and plus thirteen for the wolves. I think is a nice money bet. So that's the one I'm going to be taking I'm right there with you a Burnley as well. You can plus five seventeen for Burnley at Selhurst Park. I'm I, you know, I'm I think I'm hoping back on the Sean Deitz train. He hasn't given me any reason to but these odds are exactly I am going to go with the Burnley f c I think Crystal Palace. You know, everyone's been giving them too much praise. They got their heads a little too big. And they're going to come out here. Flat footed take Burnley plus five seventeen. Oh, and this one Manchester United. I know this is gonna pain you. But I I know Manchester United at minus one Twenty-three for Southampton. That's pretty great odds because I think that's United is way better than Southampton. I also hate Southampton with a fucking passion. So many did minus one Twenty-three book it fucking call. Your bookie get that shit done or use my bookie because eventually they will sponsor us. If I keep saying it enough just talk that shit into existence. Go that Manchester United. But let's move on to. So those are our best for the weekend. Guys. Good luck. May you know, you would some when some fucking cash or you know, Lou some cash with us. Moving on Marin, which Darby do you want to start with the Mary side or the north London? Start with the north London. I mean arsenal versus Tottenham. I'm sure you're dying to fucking talk about that. So kev. Gimme your give me your thoughts going into this. Okay. First off arsenal is hot is. Fuck we are eighteen games, unbeaten baby arsenal is back. And this is the game. That will like, you know, it's I wish it was like today. Just because it would be a great way to end November. Because it's just gonna be like, you know, arsenals November hasn't been that bad. So I was thinking like man if only we could've played Tottenham on the last day and just see, you know, reminded people of arsenal in November. But eighteen games, unbeaten. Great wind today in the Europa league with all the youngsters. My thing is I think we played it back three against bore myth. I don't think you know, Emory is going to be cute with that with this one. I think we're going to start with staffy Beller in close, Nick. And then ozo- didn't start against bore myth. I definitely think he's gonna start this game. So I think up top it's going to be a Bobby ox gonna start. You're gonna have Mickey Tari in you won't be ozo- up there. So it wouldn't be like like a four to three one. So you'll have the back four. Then you have and Torrero holding it in the midfield. And then you have the tacking three. We'll be ozone guitar, Ian, then Bobby on up top. I think if Tarare in jock and hold it down and allow Ozal to get you know..

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