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T cells, The research has come out. And so natural immunity is real. Yeah, A member guy called here A couple of weeks ago. We were trying to figure out Since there's been 27 million Confirmed cases of covert 19 in the United States. 27 million And we were talking and we're trying to figure out well, Yeah, there's people that that God it but they never went to the hospital. They never went to the doctor. They just felt Sick and lousy and crawled into bed for 45 days, and then they were they were better. And I said, Well, maybe what do you think? Double eagles? Yeah, Double your with doctor, McCurry said. No, it's like six times. The number of people that have had it So if you've got 27 million Well, four times would be 100 Million, so six times 150 million people half of the country. Dr McCarry saying have already had The bug the virus. One way or the other. Maybe maybe you weren't really sick. Lot. Maybe you weren't real sick. Maybe you Had no symptoms. Maybe you just had a headache for a couple of days. But he's thinking it's like 150 million out of 300 million Then you throw in. Where are we? On vaccines now? Another 30. Some 36 million people. Have been vaccinated. So 115 other thirties a 1 90. We're getting up there. I see what Dr Makarios talking bout of his numbers are right. So he's You know he's not coming right out. He's trying not to be political. But he says some of these policies that the politicians have come up with. You have to be fluid and you should change them when we get to a low Background rate of infection. Pilots have very low rates of covert infection compared to the general population, and I think if we do in that some policies we've gotta have more mature testing. It's got to be rapid and efficient. I would support it. It's a good idea. We've gotto be fluid with our policies when we get to a very low background rate of infection..

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