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Clock and Jimmy Graham ran right up the tunnel and headed to the locker room. 21 to 9. Graham reached up with one hand pulled in the touchdown and then ran right up the tunnel at the back of the end zone, leaving as the game comes to an end 21 to 9. The final score. Saints are going on to the divisional round as they eliminate the Chicago Bears. By the final score off 21 29. Now there's no point after touchdown if it's not gonna change the outcome of the game, But I know there are people interested in just numbers like to add up. You know how many points you had? How many I had? Yes, you won by. Well, let's check the final stats sponsored by Capital one shopping capital, one shopping searches for and applies available coupon codes. What's in your wallet? Savings and available coupons varies 385 yards for the state's 239 yards for the Bears a good chunk of it coming on that last touchdown. Dr Montgomery 31 yards rushing for Chicago on 12 carries Strabinsky 199 yards and a touchdown. Jimmy Graham with that score. Six catches 55 yards. Alan Robinson, the leading receiver for the Chicago Bears, Alvin Kamara. 23 carries 99 yards and scored Drew Brees 28 of 39 265 yards and two touchdowns. Terrorist the leading receiver today. Seven catches for 83 yards Deante Harris leading the way Michael Thomas in his first game back five catches, 73 yards and a score Bears score on the final play of the game. But it's not enough as the Saints gets a 21 to 9 victory. James and The Saints will move on to play Tampa Bay next weekend here in the world, and you're looking at a very formidable New Orleans defense. Can they get after Tom Brady the way that they got after Mitchell Robiskie here and what happens with the state's offense, who contributes next week because they have so many very contributors..

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