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You ready for what's next Comcast business Powering possibilities I met Bear with traffic on the fives. Father was on Twitter. It wi be sea traffic. Marcus Bailey Wish TV meteorologist. What's happening? Hey, Good morning, Tony to be another very summer like dates. A pretty quiet partly cloudy pretty warm heading into the afternoon. Today's high 86 Tonight Mostly cloudy skies may see some showers and thunderstorms arriving overnight, probably a little closer to daybreak for your Wednesday A feudal storms could be on the gusty side. Well, they found a lot of 68 Wednesday. Scattered showers. A few thunderstorms possible, especially in the afternoon. We're gonna be a bit cooler Wednesday. 5 80 Thursday partly cloudy The showers and storms later high of 80 years well Friday scattered showers and storms the highest 72, But race weekend looks lovely both Saturday and Sunday dry with partly cloudy skies and highs and low to mid seventies. Now we still we still seventies and clear for race there, right? Yeah, we're good Sunday. Right now. Officially, I have mostly sunny and a high of 77. So by being kind of a cool start in the morning bid, the upper Fifties. But again very pleasantly. Humidity should be low. I don't know if you can ask for much of a better day than we have right now for race day on Sunday, Okay, Well, we'll hold you to that. Will beach if it doesn't work 64 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center the time right now it's six or seven this hour on 93. WNBC is powered by fast track, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. You. I do love it when we add new non stops, the more flights that come out of Indianapolis International Airport the better. For all of us. It's it's just no denying The reality. Tony Katz 93 wi VC. Good morning. This one. Right watching. It's not just one. It's it's many Many that we got going on non stops helping head Portland, Maine. There's a flight to Charleston. Those are are just united Allegiant, adding nonstop to.

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