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I have a hundred nine pledges, but the truth is all the other hundred forty nine members of the house besides himself that they are all going to be part of the house where they are Republicans or Democrats. He also said that he was going to keep a commitment to partisanship. As a legacy of greatness. That makes the Texas house stand out from other legislative bodies around the country. That was his quote the question that I asked him was whether or not he would commit to appointing Democrats too key committees, which has been a tradition in the Texas house, which is also something that makes the Texas legislature stand out from other legislative bodies around the country, and he in his answer to me. He did not say, yes or no. Didn't say for sure he was going to you know, point Democrats committees. Although he did say that he is committed to keeping the Texas house basically be a bipartisan institution he says that's a little bit. Okay. Scott Brad against Graddick on Twitter yester-, tell me what prompted your question though. Because. I mean again into the firebrand nature of no question of. Hold on. Let's let's go to y you asked that question. Yes. Her. So the reason I asked that question is because members of the Texas legislature have been telling us it corn report that they have heard a couple of different things about that. That that for some members they have heard from Bonnin and from his allies. But there would be no Democrats would be appointed to chairmanships. And then there are others who have said the exact opposite. So we simply wanted to have him on the record about that key question. And you know, it's also interesting that after Cherban's and said he was going to release a hundred nine commitments that speaker Joe Straus did say that he also supports abundance candidacy now, and it will be interesting to see what the folks at empower Texans have to say about his candidacy now that Strauss's wishing support. Yeah. That diminishing influence, I'm gonna ask you. Let's let's go. Off the beaten path he bring up you know, Howard Texans. This is how I characterize empower Texas to a local audience. Now, the the spokesperson four empowered Texan slandered. Bob, Duncan this is when you heard that Bob Dunkin good local reference financial descr that he was that what we heard in the beginning was that Bob Duncan was al-said by the board regions that takes tech because he misappropriated phones or done something shit. That was Michael Quinn Sullivan. The yester- hoax person for Boston Tim done who heads up empower Texans. What's way? Do they have at this point? Do you think that they're concerned? I think that they're sway is in flux..

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