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Receive nearly a quarter million doses this month, with millions more coming in the new year. Meanwhile, here in the U. S, the FDA is emergency use authorization for fighters. Cove in 19 vaccine could come as early as tomorrow. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski, the director of supply production and distribution for Operation Warp, Speed tells ABC is Good Morning America. There will be enough vaccines for all Americans we add in those he had in the fives, reacted the Madonna vaccines that we've already purchased and opportunities to purchase more. We feel very confident. By late March early April, the rest of the population those beyond the health care workers, those beyond the elderly will be able to receive their vaccines as well and according to reports confirmed by ABC News The White House did pass on ordering additional Fizer vaccines back in the summer. Snag on day two of Britain's covert vaccination campaign regarding the Fizer vaccine, thousands of over eighties and health workers or vaccinated yesterday and two of the health workers suffered what's called an Anna for lack toid reaction That's much milder than an awful Actiq shock and usually involves a rash or dizziness or shortness of breath. New guidance here now urges people with severe allergies to avoid the Fizer vaccine for now. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London both those people in Britain by the way they're doing Well today, Governor Baker's not waiting around for a vaccine. He's scaling back the state's reopening efforts this Sunday and response to some daunting covert numbers and WBC's Carl Stevens breaks down those numbers for you. In this latest daily update from the state Department of Public Health, we see another increase in virus related hospitalizations. That number is now at 1552 across the state hospitals are at nearly 80% capacity. None I see you. The number of covert patients in the ICU also went up to 310. For more than 3600 newly confirmed cases across the Commonwealth, bringing the number of estimated active covert cases to 58,601 and the pandemic. Death toll in Massachusetts.

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