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Because i think they're only eight and if you start going double will cain we've got a problem that's going to produce programming for this network when the radio journalist view thankfully we put pen to paper we put these together all of us did these rowdy reading we have we have ten organizations that have bigger than the raiders will only has five we have ten a we have ten deaths weird double the size doubled the tedious but you have to approve them okay you the commissioner all right hey i really got ig so may i here's i know that hey will tank look man i know you've got to show that your thiesen but we're going to take all your content don't but market in market then take it so i said hey give me call nancy your jumped jumped so stupid got called right there's still got yup here at the way it i just want to make your or guerra dropping all of this everything that happened today is about doubly that john gordon didn't actually correct it sports broadcasting perfection i am here man we'll you could name five organisations of the state of california that a bigger than a raider now you could go you have my floor go la lakers la dodgers uh god uh la dodgers san diego chargers millions who is presented by progressive insurance insurance today i man so i'm on i'm on like day in i'm getting kind tips from you guys so here's i'm gonna i'm gonna try to get some advice on how to do this here's what i was thinking still guts i was thinking you know like after the super bowl public that monday maybe maybe the day after a cigarette exploring you know like a lease tune in our on sexual harassment on broadway what do you think they're gonna work.

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