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Out the live section free practice three and then qualifying on Saturday as well. And I made the joke at the beginning of the podcast at not bitter at all, but Hayden, you know, you really have got so much to call on in Miami. We've got Alex kanakis at F one editor at the event as he is a sort of always does anyway with Matt Q, but also we've got Stuart coddling from GP racing, Jess mcfadden has gone over there as well. Who am I missing? Jonathan noble. I think they just did all in some big Airbnb somewhere. I hope so. Luke Luke Smith there as well. He's been of course. A lot of the sort of auto sports social media face of it currently. Yes, I think they have a great time, basically. I'm not jealous at all. No, I get to say it all through the screens and through the information, which is good. BS, I would look forward to we'll have a feature very shortly on digging into the practice pace. Obviously that we traditionally have the sort of post practice analysis on a Friday and yeah, be curious to see how the numbers shake up from Alex because like you say we've had basically Verstappen and signs is input, basically taken out of it, does this mean that there really is a Mercedes sort of return at the front. I'll see what he says. See, because they're off more often than not, they are correct. So yeah, it could be a very clear indication of what to expect come Sunday. For listeners who are signed up to autosport plus check out the plus section for Matt Q writing about how Formula One finally cracked America and I mentioned Charles as well. The inside story of F one's newest racetrack here. He lives in Miami's and expat, but very much a Miami man these days long-term listeners and.

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