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Earth. We'll tiny muskrat succeed and help rebuild the world. We'll find out after a quick break. Rangers. I'm Rebecca sheer welcome back to circle round today. Our story is called turtle island. When we left off little muskrat had taken a dive into the water, she was seeking soil to rebuild the world after a big flood to other animals otter and beaver had already tried it. They were strong swimmers, but both critters had come up short. So when teeny tiny muskrat volunteered otter and beaver to hopeful. Can you believe that Wimpy thing believes she can save the entire world Polly's? I'm totally with you autre. Did you see how slowly she was going? She won't make it ten feet down before she has a bus backup for breath. I mean, what does she think she's doing I don't know what she thinks? She's doing. But I sure as had no what she is doing. Yeah. Let's making a fool of herself. But why saw things differently patience friends, perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to little muskrat may vary will surprise us old the animals waited for muskrat to return, they waited for one day as they had for autre, then two days they had for beaver, but still no sign of muskrat otter and beaver rolled their eyes. What did I say if I couldn't do it with my extensive diving experience, and I couldn't do it with my superior strength and swimming skills. There's no way muskrat Kim succeed turtles smiled. That's my friends. Succeeds isn't doing knee about experience, the strength the animals waited another whole day and another whole night as the chances of muskrat returning slimmer and slimmer tensions got higher and higher. Get that big paddle of tail off of me will I would offer if you weren't taking half my space weights 'Second as the Pickering continued a small ripple formed in the water. Turtle was the only one who noticed any kind of deal like that. Stoop cliff? She gestured toward the water. As author and beaver shut their mouths and peered over the side of the log, what did they see floating on the surface of the water, but muskrat she was barely breathing. Turtle. Hurry to scoop the tiny creature up. Oh, most grant to y'all. Turtle gently laid muskrat on the log. She was too exhausted to talk all she could do was open one bright I and give turtle week grin beaver and otter screed over to see what was going on. She doesn't look so good. Not good at all as turtle stroked muskrats soaking wet for she noticed something muskrats tiny fist was clenched tightly when turtle reached down and uncurling muskrats clause. Can you guess what she found inside must grant you did it you boots soil back from the bottom? Oh, I knew you could do it little one that just no otter and beaver couldn't believe their eyes. But they quickly wiped the surprise looks off their faces. A we. We believed in new to muskrat. Good job kid. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't doubt you for a second. Welcome back. Turtle looks down at muskrat than fixed otter beaver with a steady gaze. Oh, right friends. Here is what we must do take the soil for muskrats grew. And please it on my show. Pat it down with water, so it sticks. Then we can begin the work of rebuilding all world. Carefully otter into beaver followed turtles instructions they scooped up the dirt for muskrat and petted it onto turtle's shell immediately. The wind picked up as gusts blew in from all four directions the soil on turtle's shell began to spread. It spread all across her back. And then kept spreading soon. The ridges of turtles back transformed into valleys hills and mountains and grass trees and bushes began to sprout from the soil before long turtle was bearing the weight of a whole new land after all that little muskrat had done. It was the least the wise creature could do. Today. Many people refer to this new continent as North America. But some members of the jib way group and other Canadian first nations tribes, call it turtle island, and if you look closely on a map, perhaps you can make out the shape of turtle, and maybe just maybe a hint of muskrats tiny, but mighty touch. Oh

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