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The messages are fine. Send you a green messages. But as apple users we gotta do are far too and stop responding with the emojis when you're in a group chat with the green bubble. That's just a problem for everybody. Gets your message. Even people like what on one you know. Just just a ha ha thumbs up right. it's weird. just it's like you're an instagram. dm you know. it's like no no leave. ask for this one. Yeah so we used to have a A lady come and help us out. Little oscar was born a few years ago He sort of grew and he went to daycare. We didn't really need her around So she moved on but it was her birthday or something and so. I said we should do something you know. She'd like to see the boys. And i said let's invite her over and i would just have a little celebration for her. I think he was seven of time. Sebastian was like okay. I'll maker little meal. And i was like he's ambitious but he's not all that flash in the kitchen anyway so he started getting ready. I told her. I said come on. We're gonna have a little Little celebration for it. And so he started preparing his meal and it was One carat with uncooked unpeeled carrot An onion just an onion one and a croissant from trader joe's and try to a fantastic and he had some like raspberry jam ready to go and she was supposed to come over at like four o'clock or whatever and well that was just a little. She was literally lay. She was ten minutes late. Sebastian couldn't really white so he took a bite out of the croissant. And and put it back down on the plate and Left it there for her and was like you know i. I'm not sure. I'm not sure you should sort of nibble out of your guests treat. Then and he was like he was like you know but it's for her and i'm like i okay. Okay came in and eventually came in. I said sit down and sebastian pigewoman meal. And i just wish i could have captured the look on her face and she saw an onion one carrot and across that had nibble taken out of it already. You know. I think i did get another Chris pratt curtis carrot with the intention. Was there with a lot of love. It was just You know he just couldn't white all that time and he loves across so we help her out with my cool story. Bro is has to do top shot back in late. February early march was right before the all stars. I guess it was right before the all stars were announced so whenever that was probably late february. And i remember trae like we were like. Oh man we figure out who the all stars are snatch up a couple of moments you know. Maybe you could flip them. Make a buck going. Like khris middleton. Chris is going to be an all star game. Yeah oh yeah. I'm gonna i'm gonna get a couple of early ninety. Lock that great team. He's already been in all star. Classic joe johnson material here like let's get a couple of these and then people will. We'll see them. Go up and well. You know where this is going like. He didn't get named to the all star team. That's the first problem with my dump plan that backfired the second part is. It's chris middleton like no one's gonna care whether he made another all star team with his top shop it so that backfired ended up giving a couple of way. And that's the story. I said it's a very cool story. Bro still a big job in my book. I thought middleton was absolute lock the bucks were ball and fifty forty ninety almost twenty five game shirts. Almost exactly what tobias harris dead and. He wasn't an all star. Either but chris middleton. I thought he was going to do it. to change that twitter bio two mome collector. Got a lot more questions. Still the tackle here on the beach but first quick break to hear from our sponsors over the weekend we saw. Lots of Throwback videos photos from the raptors celebrating the championship speech. I think you put up a couple there Because what an emotional tom. It was for us seeing the joy of seeing the raptors climate title but that was offset by the realization. That we're also job and well things have turned out pretty well Better than we could have expected here at the athletic for a couple of months ago there was some uncertainty. We didn't show is going to continue. And even what format but for a million dollars Months up the link into camps and.

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