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I really seem to bother his coal support how can the Democrats capitalize well it's a it's a very interesting question I mean one of. The, startling things in American politics in this last year and a. Half has been, the remarkable resilience of President Trump's base now it's quite interesting right now is that, there are two things one in particular that may do that the tariffs and. In particular the countervailing tariffs that that China and the European Union and Canada and others have imposed on the United States are targeted at products that come from areas that, were very supportive of the president. In particular agriculture Areas How do you energize your? Base the democrat space That's a that's a profound. Question, you've got. A new. Smoking out this week I hey fool the people is that correct that that. Is that is the new slogan in the house I will tell you that that that nothing is energizing the democratic base quite as much as the behavior of President Trump and while we were relying on your on the. Opposition, as it. Were is always seems week really well that's true anybody who is serious about politics needs to always have plans as have to be able to paint a picture of what the, what you would do if you? Are in power Yeah but if we had more time I might quibble with the point you know Barack Obama we rode a wave of revulsion over. George W Bush and in particular the war in Iraq into office and in two thousand ten that congressional elections where reactions, to the incumbent president so both are important is the answer there Jim Himes democrat congressman giving us his reaction to the. News that President Putin will be. Invited to the White House has been invited. To, the White House in. The autumn for another press conference maybe like the one in Helsinki which had. Who are is now did indeed now eight twelve year in London of the EU a meeting to discuss their response to, the UK government's plan to withdraw from the EU the Brexit negotiations are at a crucial stage of. The, Irish border. Among other things being a key sticking point late today the British Prime minister will focus on that topic and during a visit to Belfast she's expected to call on the EU To evolve it's position on Brexit as you may have heard the news now Elma Brock is a member of the Brexit steering group of the. European parliament as book to me assured while ago about the importance of resolving the Irish border issue look the question is, that there should be not a hat border between the two Irelands that the main question do have to find appropriate answer What's your interpretation of what Theresa May's expected to say today. When. She calls for the EU evolve it's position would you understand by that Reno since two weeks the British position snow since one and obvious And See that this bridge position was changed in this week in bit because four, amendments the house of. Commons so there's no reason to put pressure on the European. Union, now if we broaden this composition to other, topics these a warning from the EU for countries to prepare for no. Deal do you think that thus where this whole thing is? Headed, no I hope. Not but you have to prepare. Everything I think there's also. Preparation the pitch for the non not practically come under twenty, nine two thousand nine. Hundred and you've been union is preparing for all. Options the memo, says all, options but the best, loopy the auction Of? Appropriate, agreed and also. The IMF says zero percent of. The EU walk I could. Lose their jobs and economic growth could fall by one point, five percent if there's. Not a a free trade deal between the EU. And the UK, is anybody, linked to pay attention, to that Fiction means damage but the fire could be, the greater. Damage for the economy and therefore it's good reasons because it's damage to keep an image is possible they're folio Oaten constrictive Negotiations as we have proposed to our guidelines in spring two. Thousand seventeen since tweaks Concrete proposal. Proposal pitch government let's talk about it and again thank division between the goal agreement later Each kind. Until twenty, twenty it would be the proper solution The Brock he's a member of the Brexit steering group of the European parliament stay with us on the, World Service to hear more. As those discussions begin in Brussels.

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