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We check in with Mike Reiss in the avalanche. Didn't get the gate early. But boy, they sure crash things at the end and got a big big win to points. Yeah. Turned it on no doubt, mardi great night on two fronts, really first. They took care of their business. Beat Edmonton six to rallying with four goals in the second period after falling behind to nothing after one we got some momentum. And we ended up just kinda turning up after that. And and we're able to take over and it was good to see all the guys chip in. And and it was good to see everybody playing the right way. Captain, Gabriel Landis. Gog? Alexander Kerr foot scored twice four other apps. Had a goal got some major. Help to L A over Arizona three to one. So the Avs lead the coyotes by four points in the race for the second wildcard. In the west Colorado has two games left. Home to Winnipeg on Thursday at San Jose on Friday. Arizona has a pair of games left at Vegas Thursday home to Winnipeg on Saturday nuggets. Lost to the warriors won sixteen one zero two in the bay area trail by fourteen at half got a full dose of Kevin Durant. But a couple of jarring dunks at the end of the second quarter, then was ojected in the third period. When he argued in no call on one of his three point shots, DeMarcus cousins lead Golden State with twenty eight points and thirteen rebounds. Steph curry poured in seventeen points help the warriors create a little separation in the standings, good night to set ourselves up to control our own destiny and that in essence down the stretch. But I think we played great tonight. Besides the turnovers Steph curry there warriors lead the nuggets by two games in the west with five to play nuggets. Only lead the rockets by a game and a half getting a little tight right there. Denver hosts San Antonio tonight. Tip seven Rockies. Ooh. Realize to the race for nothing down in Florida AL Cy Young award winner. Blake. Snell was tremendous seven scoreless innings allowed just two hits one walk tied his career high with thirteen strikeouts. Rockies manager, bud. Black and only tip is captain Snell. Pretty impressive outing. I think. You know, the stuff probably above average across the board on a scouting scale. And then when you're able to throw the curveball behind the count the change of behind the counter. And Landon for what would be called strikes. It's really impressive. Final game of the series is today down in Saint Pete. As our coverage starts at ten thirty this morning on KOA, then the home opener on Friday against the dodgers Broncos off season program underway at this point, Chris Harris, JR. Junior's not technically holding out, but he's not there. He wants his contract. We were reworked these are voluntary workouts linebacker von Miller says in the long haul. He's not worried about Chris Harris junior. We all know, what type of pro Chris is not a football field. And he's going to be ready to go whenever he's hearing. If he's not here still gonna be ready to go. We're talking about here is so he can be more. He's still going to be. He's going through wherever he's going through right now. And I support him percent. But when it's time to go. He's going to be ready to go phase one of the off season program will last two weeks sports at fifteen and forty five on KOA NewsRadio. The home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies at.

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