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Carrie ann inaba rupaul the near on the streets or one mormons saying she can away electricity another is demanding to door wayne our harsh will be built the mayor understands their frustrations because he shares them he says only a third of the reconstruction the flew direct wires has actually been done and the longer it takes he warns the worse it will be for everyone he had had a ahead overcome ordered i fear that the economy remains bat unemployment will spread if that happens terrorist group would explore the conditions under turned to the city on how to heal levels men the janata heavy on eroding is saw how is saw with the man faluji ending nash report from martin patients the british charity oxfam has released what it says is its final internal report on allegations of sexual misconduct during the 2010 eighty earthquake relief operation bronze pullout found out the inquirer is key findings from out diplomatic correspondent james lando who's been covering the story won't leave revealed is the report the deeds in 2011 each keenly the basis on which much of the original revelations were first made to the times newspaper they gave through in detail the allegations were made what they did to substantiate it what conclusions they reached and will action they took however of what they deemed too is they don't tell you the names all the names of being blackedout offences has done this because all of privacy laws and guidelines laid down by the united nations of how they should do these things now the haitian government was demanding that they got full disclosure because part of the scandal is that they weren't informed of the actions that oxfam took to try to clear this up water oxfam doing with the haitian government now surely that's an important element of any solution absolutely which is why oxfam says that it has given a fully under dected version of this report to the haitian government is also given the full information to will relevant authorities of the countries from which these set men came oxfam also says that senior managers are meeting members of the haitian government today to tighten through the findings of the report him what acts oxfam is doing in the mind when these kinds of things happen we often talk to reputation manages though we what will the reputation manage.

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