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Match and the Washington spirit on the road to face OL reign that's a 6 o'clock start out west this evening Rob wood fork WTO sports Thank you rob It is four 47 And the top stories we're following for you today on WTO the first shipment of specially infant formula from Europe has arrived in Indiana and next stop a Gerber distribution site which will get those formulas boxes out to the people who need them the most The U.S. will receive 78,000 pounds of formula in all to help with a shortage here Severe weather begins moving through the region right now or looking at storm team four radar essentially from two 70 the German town area Leighton's ville getting slammed right now with some lightning involved with this storm moving through two Howard county about to see this so are the Ashton and highland and Fulton area at Columbia Maryland about to see this cell as it moves through the heaviest parts of this line to showers that moves through and will continue to keep you posted on that throughout the afternoon 15 people had to be taken to the hospital after a mega bus headed for D.C. from New York City crashed on southbound 95 near Baltimore stay with us again for all the latest on these stories and just minutes It is four 48 a WTO P time for traffic And weather on the 8s let's start with traffic and Rick McClure in the traffic center All right Mike let's start there Let's start with the beltway where there's still no change with the volume around the beltway at the moment that may change once the range start moves in moving in outer loop through landover and green belt slow off and on between two O two and 50 below speed on the outer loop through a Potomac after river road off and on toward the legion bridge weekend volume slowdowns from the analytic Virginia side through maclean to toll road to the legion brave Maryland died two 70 might take a little time for those southbound delays to ease but they're making progress there and started ease just a little bit through a battle in hightown The heaviest was between routes 81 O 9 had the crash clean up from last hour and even the northbound lanes were affected by that one Delays were back to one 21 but like I said before those delays are starting to ease in both directions on I 70 through urban and highest town Crash clean up along I 70 has done traveling South Africa route 40 near the south mountain rest area BW Parkway had a couple of volume slow spots north through green belt after NASA Goddard south through jessop and fort Meade no issues reported Route 50 still quiet both inside and outside the beltway but we're starting to get some volume in both directions on the bay bridge now where it's heavy along the eastbound side from before the tolls and slow moving on the westbound side from across the narrows in Kent island where we had a crash after route 8 at last check it was along the right side Three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay at the moment Have a closure in Bethesda Bradley boulevard still shut down both ways between Ewing drive and woodhaven boulevard for utility work quiet over in Virginia had a little volume as eastbound on 66 through Larry field as you approach the beltway ramps three 95 no problems there I 95 still slow on the southbound side lord and woodbridge off and on through Dale City in dumfries northbound not much better slow in stretches through spotsylvania Fredericksburg and falmouth Had a crash traveling through Arlington affecting the westbound lanes of route 50 Arlington boulevard at George Mason drive we believe it was cleared from the left side and through the district northwest there's a crash affecting mass avenue both ways a cue street It might be under police direction Need extra cash rest in limo is hiring full and part time CDL drivers Full-time CDL charter drivers receive a $5000 bonus One 8 three three limo jobs Rick McClure Traffic All right let's bring in storm team four meteorologist Steve prince valley Montgomery county pretty much the center of activity right now it seems Yeah that's where they really got hit.

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