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Weather every 10 minutes on the tens from tempstar heating and cooling more traffic you can trust in ten minutes i mean darling a news radio 610 wtvn six first warning weather tonight down to six clouds bringing some snow late thursday maybe into friday twenty thursday 24 friday in back into the teens fries over the weekend weather's powered by the basement dr marble cliff now fifteen fifteen your severe weather station for john corby i'm sterling news radio 610 wtvn the john corby show news radio 610 wtvn if you're like me which it's possible this guy hanging out trying to make sense of things in the world and a lot of it is senseless guy who knows from technology john plane is our tech expert news radio 610 wtvn apple is gotten themselves into a little bit a hot water in in it prove something that i've wanted to it and i believe i thought it was true i didn't think i was a elucidating or or anything else the whether it was windows or whether maybe apple or what have you when you have technology or software and they've added multiple upgrades or new devices they will throttle back either what you're able to access on their networks or even for that matter not service technology the keep stuff out the date to keep it functioning how big of a deal is this john quyen there some nine different class action lawsuits right now looking to get close to a billion dollars from apple which i doubt will happen yeah it your a lot of people pretty unhappy that's for sure what are issue they think is here is not a lot going on in smartphone if not if the new iphones your so tremendously amazingly great that you should get a new one but people found on my other ones kind of getting slow in little cranky so they end up upgrading any way and so when they hear hey apples slowing down your phone to save the battery now they're not really happy at all that that's where there's all comes from um what happened was a couple of people you know we're always bench testing different products and gauging.

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