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Now where with their smart skylights that you can go in there and install the skylight and it'll it'll measure. Co two in the room and when get back it's high it'll automatically take a look at what's going on outside if it's raining of course it's not going to do it but it's going to look outside go. Oh we need to get some of this when you get some fresh air and it'll kick those skylights open to help vent some of that out and that to me is is brilliant. Yeah how that works. Hot air rises and so that alone will take so much stress off of their conditioning. I've been known to put in both dehumidifiers humidifiers because here in california. Sometimes it's very dry and you need human vacation. I mean look. I i am so i am so blessed. I live in an area where i can crack with those open every single night and it cools the house and that's fresh aaron songs. You know you're a parking garage so it's it's not bad and you know and then i've got air cleaners i've got i've got my of filters and a couple of rooms of the big units and it's it's it's so funny because like it's amazing. How many of the women that. I date and up with a air filter or two in their house or apartment. By the time we break up. I see i see a sales gig here for you man april like you. Just don't expect the relationship to last. I'm getting them. Yeah but but april air affiliate program. David applebaum yes. Yeah so it's it's amazing because everybody scott kind of going back to what you're saying for everybody's got different priorities. I mean Yeah you know. You're asking about clients at their deeds and their watson..

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